Why I Started Farmhouse Home

I wanted to share with you today a little about why I started my blog Farmhouse Home.  I’ve always been a creative person and my soul has always needed to be fed by one creative project or other since I was a child. Whether it be sewing, art, craft, ceramics, pottery or cooking, I loved it all.  The one that’s always stood out the most though is cooking, even when I was young I loved looking at recipe books and experimenting with different recipes.  I was very lucky, my mother gave me full reign of the kitchen and let me make as much mess as was required of a budding young cook.

green peaceful scene

After I had children, I saw that as a turning point from office work to doing something more in line with my passion.  I’ve since studied commercial cookery, many short courses including french cooking, cupcakes, chocolate making and a six month event management course at William Angliss to name a few.  It was while studying event management that I came up with the idea for Farmhouse Home.  We were on a winery tour of the Yarra Valley and one of the wineries had a rustic store selling gourmet food and wine, I said to a couple of the girls “I’d like to have a store like this one day”, they were very encouraging and said they could see me doing that.  I then tried to register the name Farmhouse but it was taken and Nick my husband thought Farmhouse Home had a ring to it.  Whilst I don’t have a farmhouse or a physical store I decided to bring what I felt and saw in that winery store that day to this blog.  I love the country farm aesthetic, warmth, sense of hospitality and comfort it evokes, it’s how I endeavour to make you feel after you’ve visited and read one of my posts.

Apricot Tart

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I blog once a week, typically on a Monday and look forward to having your company, thoughts, feelings and input here.  If you have a recipe you’d like to share you can email it to me via the Contact link above, I’d love to share it on my Farmhouse Home Facebook page.  To read more about me and subscribe to my newsletter for free seasonal recipes and updates click on the link to my About page.  Next week I’ll have a story about one of the hottest farm gate bakeries and now restaurant on the Mornington Peninsula, they make delectable Apple Pies with apples from their 70 year old orchard among other scrumptious treats.

Apricot Tart

Catherine xx


  1. Lauren

    Oh, this was so lovely to read, Catherine! :) I loved hearing about your inspiration and the birth of your blog. I think the title is perfect and suits you perfectly, by the way! Do you still dream of a brick and mortar shop?

  2. Noreen

    hello catherine – i just peeked at the post, when i need to get working. i’ll come back and enjoy when there’s more time. you are a beautiful person, and making homemade food for your family and others is a wonderful gift. see you soon, n

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