Tetley Tea Ceylon Poached Pears

tetley tea ceylon poached pears

I love drinking tea.   Are you a tea lover?  My mother is Irish and I’ve been drinking tea since I was young.  There’s nothing more comforting than when someone offers to put the kettle on and share a cup of tea with you if you’re feeling down or if you go to visit a friend and just want to have a cup of tea and a chat.  My evening doesn’t feel complete unless I have a cup of tea.  My favourites were limited to english breakfast, earl and lady grey, until I was invited to attend the Tetley Masterclass with Tetley Tea Master, Justin Panton.

The evening began with a tempting spread of food set up in a separate room, bruschetta, pizza slices, sandwiches and plump party pies.  I placed a selection on my plate, chose a drink and took my seat in the class.  I learnt so much about tea from Justin who travels extensively to tea plantations and tastes tea year round.  This makes him well qualified to develop a range of tea for the Australian market called the Tea Master’s Selection.  A range of single origin teas specially hand picked, the leaves are larger and include Ceylon, Assam and Kenya.  My favourite is the Ceylon, I enjoy the crisp, floral flavour of the tea.  I also poached pears in Ceylon tea for dessert that was so yummy served with mascarpone.

poached pears

Justin helping people with their cupping. Being inexperienced it was hard for us to turn the cups over without spilling the tea!

tetley tea masterclass

We added boiling water to our numbered cups which contained different types of tea, brewed it for five minutes with a lid on and turned the cups over into another cup for slurping and tasting.  One of the things that sticks in my mind when I make a cup of tea at home now is Justin saying “first comes colour then flavour”, so I always give my tea time to brew properly for the best possible cup.

tetley tea masterclass

tetley tea masterclass

The other types  of tea in the range are Assam and Kenyan.  Assam is woody and earthy making it a great morning tea to get you going.  Kenyan is nutty and sweet, it’s unique flavour making it a very popular tea around the world.

tetley tea ceylon poached pears

This dessert is fabulous and perfect if you’re entertaining.  Place the pears in a beautiful bowl and bring to the table with a jug of the reduced tea syrup for pouring and a smaller bowl containing the mascarpone.  Beurre Bosc pears are the best to use for this recipe. Enjoy!

Ceylon Tea Poached Pears

Serves 6

4 cups boiling water, 1/4 cup sugar, 5 Tetley Tea masters Ceylon Teabags, 6 beurre bosc pears, 250g tub mascarpone, 200ml whipping cream or vanilla bean yoghurt.

Place the teabags in the boiling water and let steep for five minutes.  Remove teabags and pour in sugar, stirring to dissolve.  Pour the liquid into a medium size pot.

Peel the pears from the stem down and place in the pot of tea liquid and simmer on medium heat for around 30+ minutes until tender.  Turn occasionally so they cook evenly.  To test if they’re ready place a small knife in the pear and if it meets no resistance they’re cooked.  When ready remove the pears from the liquid with a slotted spoon and place in a bowl.  Reduce the liquid in the pot until it thickens slightly.  Pour into a jug.  Whip the mascarpone and cream together until it’s a dolloping consistency or if using vanilla bean yoghurt mix a couple of heaped tablespoons of the yoghurt through the mascarpone with a spoon.  Place in a small serving bowl.

Disclosure:  I was invited by Tetley Tea to the Masterclass and received a complimentary goody bag of tea on departure.  I was also sent a complimentary package of the Tea master’s Selection to try by Tetley.

I have always been a big fan of Tetley tea.  I find the flavour superior to other teas I’ve tried and have had comments from visitors to my home saying what a lovely cup of tea I served them.


Catherine x


  1. Kylie

    I used to only be a tea drinker…now sadly I can’t get through the morning without a coffee. However, I savour my late afternoon cup of earl grey and another after dinner. Earl Grey is my favourite but I have started to drink more green tea and I wouldnt say no to an Irish Breakfast, Orange Ceylon, Lady Grey or English Breakfast. Im definitely trying this dessert though. Poached pears are always a hit and I love the combined flavours of tea too! Thank you Catherine…gorgeous photos as usual xx

  2. Mel

    Looks like a fab class Catherine. I’m a huge tea fan, I religiously have a green tea with my breakfast and when I get to work, I make myself a pot and keep topping up. Such a nice ritual. Assam is my favourite, although sometimes it can be a little weak. The pears look divine! Mel xx

  3. Lauren

    I’m a winter time tea-drinker (my house is COLD!), and while I love this new trend of cooking and cocktailing with tea, I never think to do it. Those pears are stunning. What a wonderful class… I would have loved that!

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