Moreish Rocky Road Recipe

pete evans famous rocky road

My memories of Rocky Road are from when I was a child and my parents took us kids for an outing to the city.  Walking down Swanston Street, I was always wide eyed when we’d walk past a Darrell Lea store.  The shop assistant would be standing at the doorway wearing a colourful smock with a big bow.  Equally as colourful  were the display of confections inside the store some of my favorites being their liquorice, peanut brittle, scorched almonds, honeycomb, orange chocolate bars and the cleverly named Rocklea Road.

pete evans famous rocky road

I recently made some Rocky Road of my own and it was such a hit I knew I had to include it on the blog.  This version uses freshly made turkish delight you find in middle eastern stores, the one dredged in icing sugar.  Mine was rosewater flavoured from Oasis Bakery, North Road, Murrumbeena.  If you haven’t been to Oasis Bakery before and live in Melbourne, I highly recommend a trip there, they have every ingredient from around the world under the sun.  They bake a large selection of pastries, think haloumi, spinach and cheese etc and they have a fabulous looking cafe where you can grab a coffee and indulge in some Middle Eastern, Lebanese food.  It’s always busy especially on the weekends.

The other ingredients are chocolate, marshmallows and peanuts, you can use salted or unsalted peanuts depending on whether you want that little hit of salt.  Salted peanuts would go well with a dark chocolate rocky road.  I used Woolworths Select milk chocolate to keep the cost down but you can use any chocolate you like, milk, dark or a combination of the two.

I hope you enjoy this bit of indulgence, it’d make a great foodie gift for when you want to give a teacher, colleague or friend a little something at Christmas time, it’s so moreish they won’t be able to stop at one piece, I can guarantee it.

Rocky Road

500g milk chocolate, chopped, 400g large pink and white marshmallows, 250g turkish delight chopped into small dice, 125g peanuts

Line a square 15cm tin with baking paper.

Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water on the stove top, make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

Mix the other ingredients together in a large bowl, pour the melted chocolate on top and mix together.  Place the mixture into the prepared tin and press down gently.  Set for three hours in the fridge, then cut into squares.


Recipe adapted from Pete Evans My Kitchen Casual Home Cooking Cookbook.


Catherine x




  1. lizzie @ strayedtable

    OMG! Rocky Road. Yes Please. My mum swears by Darrell Lea rocky road. We use to get it at the local show once a year, mum would stock up and would only hand out bits to us kids sparingly. The taste of the marshmallows and the nuts – so good. Maybe I need to make some.

    1. Catherine

      I knew you wouldn’t be a bit fan of this one Tina, although you can make it with 70% dark chocolate, nuts and cranberries or the like to make it healthier. Skip the marshmallows and turkish delight, it would probably wouldn’t be Rocky Road if you did this maybe Bumpy Road would be a better name.

  2. Mel

    Oh my mouth is watering! I love rocky road! I had no idea that there was turkish delights in it… good on you for using the real thing, I can only eat it and adore it like that, the store bought doesn’t compare. xx

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