Our House Is For Sale

my homeWe always knew 2014 was going to be a big year for us, I turned 50, we went on a fabulous trip to New York to celebrate, my older daughter turned 21, my youngest 16, now our house is for sale.  Our Auction is this Saturday and I wanted to show you a few pics of our much loved home of ten years.  A perfect family home, a happy home with lots of natural light that we’ve hosted many family gatherings and parties in.  It’s with mixed emotions that we leave but with great excitement at being closer to family and moving closer to the city.  It’s a move we’ve contemplated for a while and with my daughter Emma now happily living in Sydney for the last twelve months, we felt the time was right.  Below is a picture of our fourth bedroom/second livingroom.

house for saleThis is our kitchen, a room I’ve spent many hours in over the years, making family dinners, cooking for friends, extended family, my children’s friends when they’d come for dinner or a sleepover.  Yep lots of pancakes have been made in this kitchen for post sleepover breakfast.  I loved it when they were old enough to make their own and I could have a sleep in!  I wouldn’t have it any other way though, yes of course I get sick of cooking sometimes the same as everybody else but essentially nothing feeds my soul more than feeding people..the art of hospitatlity, making people feel at ease and comfortable.  I connect with people through food, it’s  my way of giving them a piece of me.


This area has been great for parties and big gatherings, you can’t see it but french doors open onto the back garden, perfect for indoor/outdoor entertaining in Spring and Summer.

house for sale

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my home, I’ve been missing from Farmhouse Home and commenting on my friends blogs as I’ve been so busy getting our house ready for sale, it’s a mammoth task, you don’t realise how big until you undertake it yourself.  Soon, I want to share with you all a magazine my daughter Emma introduced me to recently, we’re both hooked.  It’s called Mindfood, intelligent, engaging articles and delicious mouthwatering recipes.  Emma was here from Sydney last weekend and asked me to make the Slow Roasted Cummin Lamb for Sunday night dinner, I did and it was the best slow cooked lamb recipe I’ve tasted, completely delicious.

house for sale

Wish us luck for Saturday!

Catherine x


  1. Mel

    Oh Catherine, what a beautiful home and those doors leading out to the garden! I love the ceilings in the kitchen and living too! I wish you all the luck in the well for a great sale and for finding the perfect new home for you.

    Mel xx

  2. Lucy

    oooh your house looks fabulous Catherine – so light and open. I can imagine it’s a bitter-sweet move for you leaving behind lots of treasured family memories, but this just means you’ll have to create lots more in your new home! Wishing you luck for Saturday, Lucy

  3. Lauren

    Oh Catherine! What a beautiful home! It IS bittersweet, isn’t it? We’ve lived in our home for 11 years this year, and changes seem to be afoot for us as well. Life marches on, I suppose. Do you have a new home to head to yet? I know the real estate market works differently for you than it does for us… you’ll have to keep us posted on your plans. And share photos of your new abode! XO Good luck this weekend! I’ll be sure to check back!

  4. Catherine

    Hi Lauren, no we don’t have a new home yet, we thought selling first then buying is a less stressful way to do it. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s out there and will definitely share photos of it. Thanks for your well wishes. XO

  5. Noreen

    it’s beautiful! moving is a big deal, and a lot of work. i’m happy you’ve finished the ‘get-it-ready” portion. now you are in the “keep it perfect” portion. or has it sold already? hope so! it looks lovely. keep us up on your adventures, n ps. chocolate reading camp means you eat treats every day, read “charlie and the chocolate factory”, “the chocolate touch”, and practice “chocolate fever” written into a script (by me). lots of crafts. joy to you!

  6. tina @ colourliving

    oh Catherine, I’ so glad you documented your beautiful house here.
    it”s funny to see so much space and with such gorgeous surrondings. Not something one can imagine living in central London:-)

    I’ve also been living in my flat for 10 years. Time just flies. I’ve been recently thinking of moving. We’ll see..

    Anyway, I know you’ve sold so congratulations. New adventures await you. Exciting times.

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