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A little while ago, my daughter Emma called me from Sydney and told me excitedly about a new magazine she’d just discovered called Mindfood Magazine.  I’d seen it at the Newsagent but had never read it and was very curious to check it out.  Later that day at the supermarket I bought a copy, enticed by the beautiful photo of Nigella on the cover.  “Which article did you read first?” Emma asked, mine was the Nigella article “Nigella Bites Back”, it reflected on the harrowing year she’s just been through and what she had planned for the future.  I then thoroughly enjoyed her Winter Baking article and recipes.  Emma’s first was one on former court poet and propagandist for North Korea leader Kim Jong-il,  Jang Jin-Sung.  He was forced to defect after a certain turn of events and told of his harrowing flight to freedom, also describing some of the atrocities he witnessed under the regime.

mindfood magazine

Photograph:  from Mindfood Magazine, April Ed.

A week later Emma flew down from Sydney for a visit “Can you please make this lamb dish on page 103, oh my gosh it looks delicious”.  I made it for Sunday night dinner, we relished the lamb and some valuable family time.  Afterwards we hopped in the car and our learner driver Hayley drove us to our local frozen yoghurt shop for dessert.

I was interested to learn the magazine is privately owned by husband and wife team Michael and Michelle McHugh.  The core editorial platforms of Health, Self, Food, Travel, Community, Environment, Culture, News, Fashion, Beauty, Style and Technology can be accessed online and through the pages of the magazine.  I’m looking forward to reading many more future issues.


Here’s the recipe for the lamb, totally worth making, especially for Kylie from Townmouse Countrymouse.

Slow Roasted Cumin Lamb Shoulder with Labne

Recipe from Mindfood Magazine

1 tbsp olive oil, plus extra, 1.5 kg lamb shoulder, 1 tbsp pomegranate molasses, 2 tsp cumin seeds, 2 cups chicken stock, 1 large Lebanese flatbread, 1 tsp za’atar (middle eastern spice mix),  1 cup mint leaves, 1 cup coriander leaves, 2 shallots thinly sliced, labne

Preheat oven to 150°C.  Heat oil in a flameproof roasting pan over high heat.  Add lamb and cook, turning for 10 minutes or until brown all over.  Remove from heat.

Drizzle lamb with pomegranate molasses and sprinkle with cumin seeds.  Season well with salt and pepper.  Drizzle chicken stock around lamb in the pan.

Cover with foil and roast, basting occasionally, for 5 hours or until lamb is falling off the bone.

Bake uncovered for a further 30 minutes or until glaze is reduced to a sticky syrup.  Remove from oven and set aside, loosely covered for 15 minutes.

Increase oven to 180ºC.  Lightly brush flatbread with a little extra oil and sprinkle with za’atar.  Place on a baking tray and bake, turning, for 5-7 minutes or until crisp.  Break into large shards.

Place lamb on a serving platter with any pan juices.  Arrange mint, coriander, shallots, labne and pomegranate on top.  Serve with flatbread.


By the way, we didn’t sell our house at auction but should have sold it by the time I do my next blog post!


Catherine xxx




  1. Kylie

    Oh Thank you Catherine……it looks so delicious! I will definitely be making it. Ive been looking out for Mindfood but perhaps hasnt yet hit the country newagents yet!! ;-)) Ive been thinking of your house sale and sorry to hear no luck with auction. Im sure it will sell soon though as its a gorgeous home and presented beautifully…take care and thank you again!! xxx

  2. anastasia

    Ive flicked through ‘Mindfood’ at the newsagency but have never bought it – I already have an out of control magazine pile near my bed haha…the hubby is always asking ‘are you going to read those..?’
    The lamb looks amazing! I bet you get so excited having Emma visit you in Melbourne! Hope the house sale goes through and you can resettle into a new home soon! (hugs)

  3. e / dig in hobart

    i would have read the nigella article first too. she rocks the cover in the purple dress! have only read copies left in our work tea room; it’s an intelligent, quality magazine.
    just saw the comment above you sold your house – congratulations! time to move forward :-)

  4. Mel

    Hey Catherine,

    I am such a fan of Mindfood too! I discovered it when we moved to NZ and it’s always my go to mag for some good reading on subjects that I don’t blog about so it’s a good quality escape for me. I believe, but I may be wrong that it originates from NZ however they tweak each issue to the market. I hope you’ve had some luck selling the house? Mel xx

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