Baked Potato

When my daughter and her friends go out, most of the time they like going to Chapel Street here in Melbourne.  It’s a cool street housing cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, a cinema, frozen yoghurt and ice cream shops, it’s the place to see and be seen.

One of the places they love to go for lunch is The Spud Bar, a franchise that serves healthy gourmet spuds with the most delicious toppings.  Think slow cooked ragu, braised pulled lamb shoulder. roast pumpkin and feta, avocado and chicken or Hayley’s favourite Tuna Melt.  Then top with lots of fresh veggies: rocket, baby spinach, chickpeas, carrot, beetroot and shredded cabbage are just the beginning.  The potatoes are light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside,  you also have the option of a filled sweet potato.

When I heard about this I couldn’t wait to go there myself but to date still haven’t managed it, so last night decided to recreate them at home with Hayley’s help for our dinner.

They got the thumbs up from Hayley and Nick who was starving after riding 12kms home on his bike.

A long way to ride everyday indeed.  Charlie was very excited to see him when he got home and was there overseeing the cooking of these lovely potatoes.  Over the holidays we hired a dog whisperer to visit the house and give us training tips on how to handle Charlie better, we have been to soft with him and he’s become a little naughty, he also has separation anxiety from being in the pound.  The trainer was a straight talking new yorker and was fabulous, his command and knowledge of dogs was impressive and Charlie responded so well to him.  I’m happy to report he’s making excellent progress with a major breakthrough with his separation anxiety yesterday!

On the platter below you’ll see sweet potato and potato, we had a bit of each with a crisp green salad for dinner.  Ours were filled with tuna, cheese, lots of fresh veggies and topped with a dollop of low fat greek yoghurt and some spring onions.

Baked Potato

1 potato per person, sweet or normal potato (I did a combination so each person got a full potato and some sweet potato)
grated cheese
can tuna, drained and flaked with a fork
shredded cabbage (I used a mixture of red and green cabbage)
grated carrot
sliced spring onions
corn kernels

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C.
Pierce potatoes with a fork around three times on each side then wrap individually in foil.
Bake until potatoes are soft and a knife is easily inserted.
Unwrap from foil, place on a plate and cut a cross 3/4 of the way through the potato.  Squeeze gently at the base to open the potato up.

Now you can start to fill it.

Start off with a layer of grated cheese, tuna, carrot, corn kernels, shredded cabbage, some more tuna, grated cheese, spring onions and place in the microwave for about a minute to melt the cheese (may need a few seconds longer).  Top with a dollop of yoghurt and more spring onions.

Note:  you can add whatever vegetables or meat you’d like to this, above is what I used, leave the cheese out if you don’t eat it.  Other suggestions are baby spinach, chickpeas, pumpkin, feta, pinenuts, peas, cucumber, mushrooms, rocket, chilli, hummus, quinoa.  Let your imagination run wild.

Catherine x


  1. Catherine Bedson

    @Kylie you hit the nail on the head Kylie, he's always thinking about food! He's doing really well since we had some training.

    @sprinkleandsauce yes it's so yummy and so good for you.

    @Sandra yes you can't go past the humble potato, I'll take them any way stuffed, roasted, mashed you name it!

    @Claire mine too, sounds delicious.


  2. tina @ colourliving


    The last time I had baked potatoes with a filling was when I was studying:-))

    I tend to stay away from potatoes but prefer sweet potatoes. This is simply because potatoes release sugar fast into the system..

    How sweet though.. and Nick bikes everyday 12km one way? Wow!!

    And Charlie, so glad you got a dog whisperer. It's so hard to find

  3. noreen

    I'm Irish, and potatoes are a staple! That potato restaurant sounds lovely, AND I'm happy you recreated some of your child's favorite food at home.

    Hey – how cool that you have a New Yorker for a dog-whisperer! It's pretty cold there now. We'll be down to 10 degrees F tonight, and with the wind-chill, it might feel below zero again. Happy summer to YOU!

  4. Catherine Bedson

    @Tina ha yes perfect student food, cheap and tasty. Thanks for the info about potatoes, didn't know that. Hugs to you too. xx

    @Noreen potatoes are a staple here as well, I love them. Hope you're coping with the cold okay and Spring comes soon for you guys. xx

    @Mel thanks Mel, I thought your kids would like these. Fun to put together and eat. xx


  5. e / dig in

    i could eat one of those right now .. how deliciously healthy and filling looking. we have a franchise/chain store here in tas that does filled spuds, but i don't think they are as gourmet as what you are describing.
    what variety of potato wuld you recommend?
    and glad to hear you having success after the puppy whisperer!

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