Beetroot Burgers

My hands were red as red as I peeled and washed the beetroot to make these Beetroot Burgers.  Upon gazing at the beetroot, I thought it doesn’t look like a particularly attractive vegetable, until you roast it in the oven, splash it with olive oil and sprinkle with goats cheese or replace red food colouring in Red Velvet Cakes with Beetroot juice to make a cake free of artificial colouring, include it in a chocolate cake recipe to make a moister than moist cake or use it to make a burger, it then takes on an attractiveness that make the taste buds dance and swoon.  It’s such a versatile vegetable.

Nothing is wasted, use the leaves in a salad or pop them in a vase for a unique display instead of flowers.

Don’t you just love the colour.

I made two types of burgers, a vegetarian version and a meat version – beetroot burgers and beetroot and lamb burgers.

You don’t have to make a burger out of them if you don’t eat bread.  Enjoy them as patties with some salads.  Like my Christmas SaladRainbow Superfood Salad or Fennel and Orange Salad.

On a different topic, my blog redesign is coming along well and I’m hoping to have it up and running early in the new year.  It’s taken a while to work out all the details and the look I feel defines me and my blog.  Is there anything you’re struggling with in regards to cooking?  Anything I can help you with here on the blog.  Just let me know I’d be happy to help.

Beetroot Burgers

Base Mix
1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
4 beetroots, peeled
2 eggs
100g danish fetta (or whatever fetta you prefer)
2 cloves garlic crushed
1 small red onion, diced
4 sprigs of thyme, leaves stripped from stalk
sea salt and pepper

Place chickpeas in a bowl and mash slightly with a fork.
In a food processor, use the grater attachment and grate the beetroot, place in the bowl with chickpeas.
Add eggs, fetta, garlic, red onion, thyme, salt and pepper and mix together well.

This is the base mix, if you wish to make Vegetarian Beetroot Burgers add

1 slice bread, blitzed in the food processor to make breadcrumbs and 
Approx 4 TBLSP oats and mix together well.  If you don’t eat bread use about 8 TBLSP oats.  Put mixture aside for 30 minutes for oats/bread to soak up liquid and for everything to hold together.  If it doesn’t add more oats.
If you’d like to make Beetroot & Lamb Burgers, omit the breadcrumbs and oats and add 500g lamb mince to the base mixture and mix until well incorporated.
Form into patties and cook on a hotplate until cooked through.
Cut a round breadroll in half, spread some avocado on the bottom half.  Place burger on top and add whatever salad you prefer.  I used sliced tomato, alfalfa sprouts and rocket (arugula) and spread the top half of the roll with my homemade capsicum and eggplant chutney and some mayonnaise.  You could use lowfat tzatziki (greek yoghurt, garlic dip) or hummus.  Anything that takes your fancy.

Inspired by Beetroot Burgers from Green Kitchen Stories.

Catherine x


  1. Lauren

    Ah… finally catching up and here are my favorites. Beets! I love them (and I love how you Aussies put them on your hamburgers!). We had them in a wonderful salad over Thanksgiving (deciding we needed SOME green to counter act all the heavy cream!), and I roasted more this week. It does feel like your hands will never be the same, doesn't it?

    I made a beet hummus this summer that

  2. Anonymous

    That is so delicious!

    I love Beetroot and often incorporate into dishes but have never used it in burgers or meatballs.

    Danish Fetta? That's a first for me…

    Your burgers look glorious, bet they tasted yummy!

    Have a good weekend x

  3. mel

    Mmmm I've got a huge one in my fridge. My biggest memories of my childhood was a salad sandwich with (tinned) beetroot in it. I always felt that it was the beetroot that made the sandwich, same for burgers. Now I love roasting them with other veggies and making a cous cous salad (oh cous cous! – sob) with pistachio sprinkled on top. Delicious!

    Can't wait for your new blog look

  4. e / dig in

    what fabulously girly-pink burgers! i too love roasted beetroot, and am lucky that the ones i get from my farmers market (while I'm waiting for mine to grow) are so tender i never bother with peeling them. and i like the leaves steamed or stir-fried, cooked and eaten as i would silverbeet.

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