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Upon entering the Belling Bistro Cooking school my friend Nicole and I were greeted by the lovely Bev.  “Would you like a tea or coffee”.  “Yes, can I have a tea please”, remembering I’m trying to increase my water consumption “oh no can I have some water please”.  Bev presented me with a cute glass bottle with a striped red straw, so lovely.  Lovely, quality, beautiful presentation, new sparkling kitchen with the best pots, pans and equipment are all words I’d use to describe the Belling Bistro Cooking School.

Passionate, experienced, knowledgeable foodies is how I’d describe Dawn and Bev the instructors.  It was inspiring hearing them talk about food and the different variations we could explore apart from what was shown.  You can read more about Dawn and Bev and their food backgrounds here.

We learnt how to make gnocchi, hand rolled pasta, disk shaped ravioli and a wide range of sauces.

The first dish we cooked was Semolina Gnocchi, it was sublime.  Disks were cut out of the rolled semolina mixture, placed in a ramekin, drizzled with cream and topped with parmesan cheese.  Comfort food at it’s best and totally delicious.

Below is one of my favourite dishes of the day, the gnocchi with garlic, sage, broad beans and crisp proscuitto.  The airy pillows of gnocchi together with the creamy texture of the broad beans and crispy proscuitto was like a party in my mouth.  Other favourite dishes were the beef ragu and the potato gnocchi with prawns, rocket and parmesan cream.  I’d love to make the prawn dish and the Semolina Gnocchi at home but need to find a healthy alternative for the cream.  Bev mentioned there was a lactose free cream that was low in fat.  Does anybody have any other recommendations?

Kneading the pasta dough for pici (long fat strips of hand rolled pasta, originating from the province of Sienna in Tuscany).

Disk shaped Prawn Ravioli ready to go into the pot of boiling water.  For a cheats version you can use Wonton Wrappers.

Boiling Ravioli, plated and dressed with a fresh, Sauce Vierge.

Hmmm Gnocchi with Beef Ragu.

A Fennel and Orange Salad was a freshening palate cleanser.

To top it all off an Affogato with Crostoli and Orange and Fennel Seed Biscotti.

If you’d like to learn more about cooking in a fun, informal environment, I can’t recommend the Belling Bistro classes highly enough.  They’re great value, set in a beautiful new kitchen, you’re well looked after and will come away inspired with the feeling you’ve had a great day out.  They have a wide range of courses: Spanish, Italian, Brunch, High Tea and Seafood to name a few.  Belling Bistro is situated in Mount Waverley, Melbourne.

Belling Bistro
Glen Dimplex Australia
Unit 1, 21 Lionel Road
Mount Waverley
Victoria, 3149

Ph:  1300 556 816

Pop over to the Belling Bistro website for more details and bookings.

You can also like them on Facebook.

Belling Australia and Belling Bistro are part of the proud UK Company Belling who have been bringing innovative cooking appliances to the UK for the last 100 years.

My friend Nicole and I were invited as guests to experience the Belling Bistro.

Catherine x


  1. Alison Abbott

    Everything looks so tasty. You might be able to substitute greek yogurt for the cream. I use it in a lot of dishes, sometimes it works-others not so much and I'm not sure why. You have to be very careful not to get it too hot, and it does make the taste a bit more 'sour', but I love yogurt, so don't mind.

  2. tina @ colourliving

    Wow! That looks all so yummy!

    What a fabulous class and I'm happy to hear:"I was a glutton during the class and think I pretty much did eat everything!' Why else go??

    My favourite would have to be: Affogato with Crostoli and Orange and Fennel Seed Biscotti. LOVE!

    Pasta is too heavy for me…

    Glad you went and had such a great time.

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