Moving Out…Eating In

It’s an interesting time at my house at the moment, we have reached a new milestone in our family that I’m sad but excited about.  A milestone that comes to every parent one day sooner or later.  My oldest daughter Emma has just finished her Communications Degree at University and has accepted her first Public Relations role as an Account Co-ordinator with a very cool agency.  The thing is, the Agency is in Sydney…we live in Melbourne.  So this Saturday she will be boarding a plane to leave home for the first time and begin the journey of making a life for herself in Sydney for however long that may be.

I’m happy and excited for her, as her Mother I know this is the right move.  She’ll have to work hard, will have lots to learn at her new job and adjusting to a new city but I know she’ll have a ball (there’s no cooler place to be than Sydney in Summer the beaches are amazing).  For now she’ll be living in a suburb close to the city she’s always loved .  It’s a place she feels drawn to and I know she’s going to thrive.

I won’t be there to cook her any meals or help her out so you can imagine how excited I was when I received a copy of a new cookbook called “Moving Out…Eating In” to review courtesy of Woodslane Publishing.  “Moving Out…Eating In” is a cookbook for home leavers by new Author Elizabeth Hewson.

I’ve gotta say, I wish there had’ve been a cookbook like this around when I left home.  The recipes, food styling and photography are cool, groovy and fun, perfectly targeted towards home leavers.  I love the book so much I want to keep it for myself and not gift it to Emma ha ha!

The book gives you lots of entertaining ideas and is divided up into chapters such as Brunch, Food For a Couple, Food For A Few, Food For a Crowd, Snacks, Sweet Things etc.

There’s even a section on what to cook for the Oldies aka parents when you want to invite them over and impress them your new culinary and domestic skills!  I for one would be thrilled with such an invitation featuring Pot of Mussels, Steak, Chimichurri sauce, Roast Potatoes, Basic Dressing with Lettuce and Cappuccino Pots for dessert.

It’s an exciting book full of great ideas young people leaving home will be inspired by.  Emma was drawn to the Ice Cream Sandwiches with Caramel, and me?  The Baklava with Ice Cream in the Super Quick Desserts section.

How easy would this Mezze meal be to put together of Falafels, Dips and Bread, Lamb Koftas, Tabouleh and Baklava with Ice Cream for dessert!  Yum!

Classic Franks with Apple Cider Sauerkraut.

“Moving out of home is both a rite of passage and a whole lot of fun”
– Moving Out…Eating In
I hope you’ve enjoyed my peek at the book, I recommend it, it’ll get you excited about cooking again whether you’re moving out of home or refusing to budge and staying put for the long haul!

My copy of Moving Out Eating In was kindly sent to me by Woodslane Publishing for review.

(excerpt copyright Elizabeth Hewson. Images copyright Michael Wee)

Catherine x


  1. Kate

    What a gorgeous book! I lived in Balmain for a couple of years while I did my Midwifery training. I loved it!
    I just remembered, when I moved out of home, my mother made me a cookbook with all my favourite recipes. I had forgotten about this! Thanks for the reminder. I will have to try and find it :)
    Hope you are having a good week x

  2. Janine

    Oh Catherine that will be me in two years – waving my eldest off to uni somewhere else (no full campus uni in Port Macquarie at the moment). I'm already having a heart attack about it. Your daughter will love Sydney, I left my little country town at 18 to live there and had a wonderful time. I've been thinking about putting together all my daughter's favourite recipes from her Nana

  3. tina @ colourliving

    Oh, bittersweet indeed.

    I'm not a mother but of course see most of my friends go through this. See yourself lucky it's Sydney, not Europe:-))

    It's great you are so supportive and encouraging. The birds have to leave the nest, that's what makes them grow up to become their own masters.

    What a great and befitting book. Looks gorgeous!

  4. noreen

    wow, catherine, it's a big step! congratulations to your daughter! now you'll have a great reason to travel, and a new vacation spot. AND i know you'll miss her.

    the cookbook looks perfect. do they write one for "double working couples who are too tired to cook"?

    joy to you! n

  5. Chi Feasey

    Oh my! What a special yet emotional time. Letting go is one of the most essential and gut wrenching aspects of parenting. It's exciting to think that this period will be the catalyst for the woman that she will grow up to be, though!

    The cookbook is a wonderful idea. My husband was given a handwritten one by his Mum when he went off to university and we still cook from it to this

  6. leah // sang the bird

    A difficult time mama, letting go is hard. But you are amazing. You have raised beautiful, strong, independant young adults. Love and blessings!
    I would have loved a recipe book like this when I moved out of home. My cooking skills were pretty much non-existant.
    Look after yourself gorgeous xx

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