Strawberry and Cointreau Jam

Have you ever made jam?  This is the second time I’ve made it.  Do you remember the beautiful ladies, Maree and Meredith I met at the park with Charlie?  Well we got together again and this time we made jam.

I love that the recipe for this jam came from one of Maree’s tea towels.  You often see tea towel’s with recipes printed on them, this is the first time I’ve tried one and it turned out to be a great recipe.

We made the jam in Meredith’s beautiful copper pots at Maree’s house.  What a find!  She bought them at a market from a couple who were winding up their jam making business and wanted them to go to a good home.  Someone who understood how special they were and loved making jam themselves.  In fact they refused a couple of offers to buy them as the people wanted to hang them on their kitchen wall, not make jam in them.  They chose the right person when they sold them to Meredith she loves making jams and preserves and absolutely cherishes these pots.

Meredith loves crafting and among other things knits the most gorgeous baby beanies.  Here she is starting one while we all chatted over coffee waiting for the jam to reach setting point.

The way to test if jam is at setting point is to put a small plate into the freezer for five minutes, until chilled.  Spoon a little of the hot jam onto the cold plate and return plate to the freezer for two minutes or until chilled.  Touch the jam and if it feels wrinkled and gel like it’s ready.  If it doesn’t keep cooking and test it every five minutes.

Jam ready to be poured into sterilised jars.

Having one of these steel funnels makes the job easier.

I have some exciting news.  On November 29th and 30th I will have a Pop Up Stall selling Farmhouse Home preserves and jam at a Christmas Bush Market on the Mornington Peninsula.  I’ll give more details of location and times as it draws closer.  I’d love your help in deciding what to make.  Listed below are some chutney and jam flavours and it would be helpful and mean so much to me if you left a comment indicating which ones appeal to you and if you were at the market would consider buying. 

Cranberry and Rosemary Chutney
Cranberry and Orange Relish
Kasundi (Southern Indian Chutney)
Tomato and Eggplant Chutney
Tomato Chutney
Spicy Eggplant and Capsicum Chutney
Peach Chutney
Moroccan Beetroot Relish
Beetroot Chutney
Strawberry and Cointreau Jam
Strawberry and Vanilla Jam
Peach jam

Thank you so much everyone.  Ohh and don’t forget today is the last day to enter my Bill Granger “Bill’s Italian Food” Giveaway.  Winner announced here and on Instagram tomorrow morning.

Catherine x


  1. tina @ colourliving

    OMG, those copper pots are to die for.. I'm so happy the couple held out for someone who would make good use pf them.

    Love that the recipe comes from a tea towel.

    What great photos showing us the process. I'm afraid to admit I've never tried making jam as I don't eat sugar, too much fruit et cetera.

    I'm the worst person to advise you re jams/

  2. mel

    I love this story about your new friends and cooking get togethers (- that could be a book idea – perhaps delete this part of the comment;) We have a copper jam making thing from Guillaume's grandmother, I think it was used to strain the fruit above while it cooked? Copper is definitely the thing to use for jams! Mel xx

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