Recipe Sausage Rolls

It’s Father’s Day here on Sunday 1st September.  My dad has been through such a rough time over the past couple of years with his health, I thought it’d be nice to have a big family lunch at my place on Father’s Day to celebrate Dad and the other dad’s in the family.

Thinking about the food for the day, they’ll be lots of dishes and I can’t go past sausage rolls as one of the offerings.  They’re perfect for these occasions, adults and children love them and they always disappear in a flash at our house.

I’m a fan!  I love them, although I don’t eat them very often now as I’ve lost a bit of weight walking Charlie and don’t want to put it back on!   I want to show you an easy way to make them, so easy that before you can get the lid off the tomato sauce bottle you’ll have a plate of piping hot sausage rolls ready to be devoured.

What you do is go to a butcher or store that sells good sausages.  These ones are pork, fennel and chilli but you can choose whatever flavour you like.  The sausages meat is already seasoned and flavoured for you so all you need to do is cut off the casing off and arrange the meat in the pastry.  It’s such a timesaver, the ‘recipe’ is down below.

I hope your dad or special person enjoys the sausage rolls and I want to wish all the dad’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day for Sunday.  The weather’s going to be good here in Melbourne so it’s sure to be a great day.  If it’s Father’s Day on Sunday where you live are you doing anything special?

Pork and Fennel Sausage Rolls

4 pork and fennel sausages
2 sheets puff pastry ( I bought extra flaky)

Makes 20

Preheat oven to 190 degrees C.

Lay out your sheets of puff pastry and cut down the middle vertically so you have two pieces of pastry per sheet.

Cut a slit down your sausage with a sharp knife and peel away the casing.

Spread the meat from the sausage vertically down the pastry in a log shape.

Roll pastry over the meat, seal side down.  Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Cut into 4cm portions and lay on a tray lined with baking paper.

Place in the oven and cook for approx 20 minutes until pastry is golden and crisp.  If they’re not golden at 20 minutes cook for 5-10 minutes longer and keep checking on them.

Serve hot with tomato sauce.

Catherine x


  1. Catherine Bedson

    @Anastasia thanks Anastasia, hope you all enjoyed your Fathers Day picnic. x

    @TheLifeofClare it makes it so easy Clare, you should give them a try. x

    @Amanda we had a great day thanks Amanda, my dad really enjoy it. He ate to much but that's his favourite thing to do! x

  2. Catherine Bedson

    @Lizzy I love pork and fennel too Lizzy, isn't it a great combo.

    @Leah thank you Leah, yes Father's Day was a great day for our family. My dad really enjoyed it and ate way to much. If only I could make some sausage rolls for your boys and post them to you, I love to do that!
    Thank you for the lovely compliment. x

    @Tina It was really good, the weather was

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