Betty Crocker, Our Vanilla & Blueberry Cake

Over the school holidays, Hayley and I learn’t about a promotion Betty Crocker was running called “Bake Someone Happy”.  The promotion involved baking a cake and showing how that cake made someone happy.  My daughter Emma is graduating from University this December so we decided to bake her a “graduations not far away” cake, which made her very happy (no more studying for now!!! Yay!!!)

It was a cold Sunday, Nick was in Adelaide and Emma was working so Hayley and I decided to have coffee (chai latte for her) and devise what sort of cake we were going to make.  We then went to the supermarket next door and bought the ingredients for our Vanilla Cake with Mascarpone Cream and blueberries.

The bottom right hand corner photo of Emma was the one we submitted and Betty Crocker have uploaded it to their facebook and instagram page.  If our cake is chosen it could be featured in one of their television commercials or magazine ads.  You can ‘like’ our cake on instagram at @bettycrockeraustralia.

It was a fun holiday project and it got Hayley who is already a keen cook thinking about different flavour combinations and what works together and what doesn’t.

I don’t cook with packet cake mixes or use pre bought icing (frosting) as I make my own cakes but for the purposes of the promotion a packet cake mix and icing was used.

Here’s what we did:

1 vanilla packet cake mix, made according to the directions.  We baked ours in an 18cm tin so it rose higher.

When the cake is cool, slice it in half horizontally.  In a bowl place 200ml mascarpone and whisk through approx 20ml of pouring cream, if you want a creamier taste, add more. You don’t want this mixture to be too thin though, the same consistency as whipped cream.  Swirl some blueberry jam through and spread on bottom half of cake.  Place other cake layer on top and ice top and sides with Betty Crocker vanilla Icing you buy in a tub at the supermarket.  Top with a punnet of blueberries and dust with icing sugar.

I’ll let you know how we go.  I must say the cake was rather nice and didn’t last in our house long.  Emma took some to her friends place and they didn’t pick it as a packet cake mix.  Have a wonderful week whatever you’re doing and see you Thursday.

Catherine x


  1. Lauren

    Oh it looks delicious, and your daughter is so pretty in that lovely light!

    I just read a recipe that uses cake mix, and it sounded so easy and delightful. I'm not a baker myself, so I'm always happy to take a yummy tasting shortcut like this!

    Happy puppy days ahead to you! 😉

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