Lamb Moussaka

Naturally since it’s Winter here in Australia, our family dinners have gone back to hearty comforting meals.  This lamb mince moussaka did not disappoint, it’s delicious and although there are many steps involved in making it…I really enjoyed the process.  I think I’m just happy that I’ve found a meal I can use eggplant (aubergene) in.  I use to think I didn’t like Moussaka as I haven’t been a fan of eggplant in the past, but it tastes almost creamy in this recipe.
This is an ideal recipe if you feel like cooking a lovely meal over the weekend.  It also freezes well.

I’ve had a lovely week.  I went to a Farmers Market on Wednesday and was brave enough to buy some purple carrots.  On Thursday my daughter and I decided spontaneously to attend an exhibition at The National Gallery Victoria called, Monet’s Garden.  It’s one I’ve been wanting to go to for a while, exclusive to Melbourne, so seized the opportunity.  Monet’s Garden is a stunning exhibition of paintings devoted to Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny, Northern France.  The paintings of his lily and flower gardens which became his lifelong obsession were simply stunning.  His house at Giverny is definitely on the travel wish list.

I was hoping to do a full blog post about it but, as you’d expect no photographs or videos were able to be taken in the gallery.  They did have this floor to ceiling mural of his house, which we were allowed to photograph and instagram.

The Moussaka recipe is from a wonderful Australian cook called Maggie Beer, I thought I’d link to the recipe to give you a chance to check out her website also.  When my husband tasted the moussaka and I told him it was her recipe, he commented “she really knows how to cook”.   Click to link to the recipe..Lamb Mince Moussaka.

Have a wonderful weekend, look forward to chatting more next week.

Catherine x


  1. mel

    Ha! Love your husband's comment! Moussaka takes me back to my season in Greece, I was definitely over it by the time I left but the few times I've had it since I really enjoyed it. I bet Maggie Beer does a winner recipe of it. I'd love to go to Monet's gardens also. Not wishing time away but I can't wait until my kids are old enough for them to fully appreciate going to a

  2. noreen

    hello catherine – this reminded me of the cookbook "jerusalem". didn't you make something wonderful from that, too? i'm buying eggplant (4!) today for a recipe. will post if it turns out well. happy winter!

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