Jeff Leatham

A while ago I was looking at different floral websites and came across a very exciting floral designer called Jeff Leatham.  Have you heard of him?   He’s the Artistic Director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.  Jeff has a team of nine assistants and together they manage 12,000 flowers delivered to the hotel from Amsterdam every week!

Jeff originally comes from Ogden, Utah and was a fashion runway model before delving into the world of flowers, he is self taught.  I’ve dipped my toes into the floral world and have found it interesting that many of the really good floral designers have been self taught.

Jeff’s work is about striking form, using one or two colours, strong sculptural shapes, making bold statements, using the lines of the flower, chic containers and sometimes an abundance of one flower for dramatic effect.  His work is breathtaking.

I borrowed Jeff’s book “Flowers By Design”, photographed by David Loftus from the library and thought you’d like to see some of his work.

I also came across this video from a Melbourne jewellery designer who stayed at the hotel and was lucky enough to do this short interview with him.

As well as being Artistic Director of the Four Seasons George V Paris and crafting beautiful displays there, Jeff also collaborates with international luxury brands and venues; designs a line of crystal vases, candles and home sprays; has recently completed his third book on floral décor and has a reality television series called Flowers Uncut on TLC.  I’ve enjoyed watching all the episodes on You Tube.  Here’s a link to Episode 1.

Tonight I’m going to a class to learn how to make my first flower posie/bouquet and am really looking forward to it.  I want to do more in the world of flowers and have been very inspired by Jeff.  Do you like his style?  Here’s a link to more of his stunning work.

Catherine x

Source: Four Seasons Paris


  1. tina @ colourliving

    Oh I hope you're are or have enjoyed your class.

    In this case I have to say, although a big fan of the George V, it's more a case of who you know rather than what you know.

    I love simplicity but find simply taking a huge bunch of the same flowers (creating impact) not that inspiring…although very pretty.

    Untrained can often be better than trained . It&#

  2. leah // sang the bird

    Catherine! I loved this post!
    I love the simplicity in his arrangements. Stunning in their simplicity. {12,000 flowers delived each week; incredible!}
    I hope your class was wonderful! I know you have a natural flair and a lovely aesthetic. Hope to see your posies xx
    p.s so glad you are safe after the incident earlier this week xx

  3. noreen

    i love his style, but i'm more interested in what you are learning! how did it go? yesterday i went to a rose festival, and the judging had some creative designs. they were awarding the vases and such for the best ones as we went through, though, so i couldn't get very close. keep us up on your floral adventures!

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