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Hi Everyone,

Well here it is my post from the “Creating Vignettes’ class on Thursday night.  Wow!  What a night, it was amazing.  As soon as I was dropped off at 11 Princes Street, St Kilda, I was mesmerised.  11 Princes Street is a beautiful white mansion that houses the offices of Small Giants, the company that launched The School of Life in Melbourne.  What beautiful space awaits inside…the area where we had introductory drinks and nibbles was decorated with a bounty of beautiful flowers by Phil from Katie Marx Flowers, @floralfrenzy  on instagram.  Phil told me some of the flowers were from the Flower Market and some were foraged..he always carries his snippers around with him in case he sees something fabulous.

Delicious nibbles provided by Firecracker Events, yummy food beautifully styled.

Megan Morton introducing the class on the flower podium.  Megan was so lovely, she is very warm and friendly and generous with her information.

Kara Rosenlund demonstrating how she builds her vignettes.

Some of the props Kara had for us to play with.

Practicing what we’d learnt.  The vignette on the right is the one my partner and I styled for Kara’s perusal..(it got the thumbs up..yay!!!)
After the class Kara’s husband Timothy O was selling her vintage finds.  She packed all of this in Frankie The Caravan and transported it from Brisbane to Melbourne.

I bought myself a little stone pot as a memento.  I love it and have it on my bedside table at night and next to the computer during the day so I can enjoy it, (hope that doesn’t sound too crazy).
This is Kara’s completed vignette, she favours natural colours and a looseness to her vignettes (the scarf and the ball of string).  The candlestick and the rattan wine carafe are the bookends, the leading cast members.  The other pieces are the supporting cast.  Props should point into the vignette (eg. the arrow, the berry branch and the porcupine quill).  Circles are very powerful in styling, the eye should follow the props around in a circle to discover the vignette.
This vignette was not put together quickly, Kara tweaked and moved things and replaced props she wasn’t happy with, then took a step back and framed a square with her thumb and forefinger to get a frame and check if she was happy.  Props don’t have to be expensive, if Kara goes for a walk to the park she keeps her eyes open for different foliage and branches that may be on the ground.  Op shops and vintage markets are good places to source these kind of props also.

The night finished with some melt in the mouth meringues that were a special treat.  This is Megan handing them out.

The class started at 6.30pm and was suppose to end at 9pm.  I left at 9.30pm as Nick was waiting outside for me in the car (he was at a meeting nearby and the venue is bad for parking). When I left everyone was still chatting.  I met so many lovely, gorgeous people there and went home totally inspired.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my night.  Happy styling.  By the way all these photos were taken on my iphone 5.

Catherine x


  1. tina @ colourliving

    Wow! What a night. Looks and sounded wonderful!

    Overwhelmed by so much food and flowers:-) Good job you told us that MM was standing on a podium. She looked rather giant there:-)

    Best thing of all was your enthusiasm, your momentum you take around with you and the inspiration you got from the workshop and the people you met.

    Happy weekend xx

  2. Lauren

    Oh wow! This was a wonderful review of your class, Catherine. Review? Not really. Not sure what word I'm looking for, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experience. I'm terrible (just TERRIBLE!) at styling, and I'd love an opportunity like this! You got so much out of it! Lovely!

  3. Anastasia

    gorgeous blog post Catherine – I too was totally inspired with both Kara and 'The School'…hope too take some more creative classes! the food was yummy on our night too – a gorgeous spread of cheese, bread, walnuts, hand churned butter…yum!!!

  4. mel

    Popping back to leave a comment as I didn't have a chance when I last visited. What a lucky duck you are to have done this class, it's right up my alley I tell you! Styling is the one thing I'm really wanting to learn and who best to learn it from but the two queens of Australian styling, Megan Morton and Kara Rosenlund. Great summary Catherine, I especially appreciate the tips on the

  5. leah // sang the bird

    This looks fabulous! I am so glad you got so much out of this class. Your styling is already amazing… I'm looking forward to seeing more vignettes from you (and hoping I can learn a thing or two).
    Taking your stone pot from room to room is not weird at all. I think you are just keeping inspiration at your fingertips.
    Much love honey xx

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