My Easter Saturday

Thank you to everyone for your positive response to my video.  It was fun to make and I know I’ll only get better from here.  If you’re thinking of trying something new I just wanted to encourage you to go for it.  It’s scary getting out of your comfort zone but well worth the effort, you grow so much from the experience!  I hope everybody had a great Easter, I did.
On Easter Saturday my brother invited the family to his place in the country for lunch.  We started with red lentil soup and his very tasty homemade sausage rolls.  This was followed by lamb, roast potatoes, vegetables and finally my Chocolate Pavlova and Chocolate Cheesecake.  The escape to the country for the day was wonderful and it’s always fun exploring his place, especially seeing if there’s any eggs in the chicken coop.
It’s always exciting to see his chickens, he’d left the eggs that’d been laid that day for us to collect (always a novelty for us city folk!)  Free range eggs are the best!  I couldn’t wait to make some scrambled eggs with them the next morning, the yolks are so yellow and fresh.
My Chocolate Pavlova and Chocolate Cheesecake.

The Girls.

My brother has a lovely herb garden, I thought this kettle filled with flat leaf parsley was cute.

Oscar, one of their dogs is a gorgeous, beautiful natured dog, I just love him.  When we leave he always runs alongside the car and then along the fence line till we are out of sight.

Once home I couldn’t help but admire the Lilies given to me by the lovely owner of the Florist I’m working at. The Lilies are still going strong since last Tuesday.  It’s important with cut flowers to change the water daily and cut a bit off the bottom of the stem at an angle.  This allows more water to get through which means your flowers will last longer.  I also plucked the orange stamens from the centre of the lily so they don’t fall and cause stains.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.  It’s one of my favourite times of the year, a peaceful time to enjoy and reflect, without the same pressure as Christmas.

Sending love and joy for a wonderful weekend to all.  The Chocolate Pavlova and Chocolate Cheesecake recipe were both from Nigella.  I didn’t include the glaze on the Chocolate Cheesecake.

Catherine x


  1. tina @ colourliving

    Your trips down to see your brother always sound and look fantastic and the food is always so yummy!!

    Ha. The eggs. When a friend of mine comes over to stay, he always brings eggs from the chicken they keep at the allotment. I also make us scrambled eggs and yes the yolks are really yellow:-))

    Love the chicken pics!!

    Your desserts are always like out of a cookbook

  2. leah // sang the bird

    I love the photos of the nests. Fresh eggs really are the best! It seems like the perfect balance. The busyness and culture of the city; and the lushness and peacefulness of the country when you visit your brother. The feast looks amazing, as do your gorgeous lillies xx

  3. mel

    What a lovely weekend Catherine. I love heading off to the country, especially the Australian countryside. Love the old watering can for the herbs too – very sweet! Thanks for your lovely comment and support. Mel x

  4. Lauren

    Oh, what a lovely Easter you had! That watering can with the herbs is so dear and that dog is even more so! I never pulled it together to make a chocolate pavlova (If I'm going to do one this year it'll have to be soon, before it gets humid.) but you still have me thinking about them!

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