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Hello Everyone,

I’ve got a couple of really tasty healthy recipes today.  The Thai Chicken Burger is from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new book “It’s All Good” which Tina from Colourliving told me about a few weeks ago.  I’m hoping to buy it soon as it’s full of healthy recipes Gwyneth developed after a health scare.  This chicken burger recipe is from a story her website Goop did on the new book.  I made it for lunch today and it was yum.

The other recipe is from the website Move, Nourish, Believe which is part of the Lorna Jane company.  Lorna Jane is an activewear label and if you’re interested in health and fitness you should check out the Move, Nourish, Believe website it’s very inspiring.

One of their recipes that’s been a big hit in my house is these “Post Workout Bars”.  They’re made from cashews, dates, coconut oil, pumpkin and sunflower seeds to name a few ingredients.  I can’t keep up with production in my house!  I made them for the blog and they disappeared before I had a chance to photography them so had to make another batch and had people waiting for them to come out of the freezer!  Hope you enjoy both recipes.

I love discovering new recipes, especially for good healthy food which I’m passionate about cooking my family.  Talking about passion I have a new’s flowers.  I’ve been tracking down books I can read to learn more about flower arranging.  I favour the loose, natural, garden inspired arrangements and am going to have a go at doing some posy’s in this style soon.

Last week I received a bunch of hydrangeas, one of my favourite flowers..I’m enjoyed them so much I’m drying them now, so have included them in my styling.

Thai Chicken Burger

500g chicken mince, 2 garlic cloves – very finely minced, 2/3 cup coriander (cilantro) – finely chopped, 2 shallots – finely minced, 1/2 red chilli – chopped fine (I use the long ones that aren’t so hot, but up to you), 2 teaspoons fish sauce, salt & pepper, 2 tablespoons neutral oil like canola, grapeseed or safflower.

Combine all of the above ingredients well and divide into burger patties (I got three patties but you could make them smaller and make 4).  Rub each patty with a bit of oil and cook on a grill pan or normal pan for 8 or so minutes until cooked through and firm to the touch.

Cut a round roll/burger bun horizontally and spoon on some yoghurt that’s been mixed with shredded cucumber, salt and pepper.  Top with the burger and some baby spinach and rocket leaves.


Post Workout Bars

1 1/2 cups cashews, 1/2 cup dates, 1 Tablespoon coconut oil, 2 tsp vanilla bean paste, 1/4 cup shredded coconut, 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds, 2 Tablespoons linseeds, 2 Tablespoons sunflower seeds, pinch of salt,

Cover dates with water, soak for 30 minutes, then drain.
Blend cashews in a food processor until crumbly.
Add soaked dates and blend well.  Add the rest of the ingredients and blend well.
Press into a lined baking tray (mine measures approx 21cm x 10cm).
Set in the freezer for an hour, cut into rectangles or squares.

Eat straight away or place back in freezer (they can be eaten straight from the freezer)
as they can become crumbly at room temperature.

Catherine x


  1. Catherine Bedson

    Hi Keely, fantastic. Hope you like them, make sure you give them a decent whiz in the food processor to break everything down.

    Hi Amanda, you must try this chicken burger then, you'll love it. Add anything you like to the bun..sweet chilli sauce, tomato or roasted capsicum!

  2. noreen

    hello catherine! it's so good to sit here and visit. i saw that cookbook in the bookstore, and look forward to your review. i have precious little time to cook, except in summer. quick recipes at all?

    the bars sound awesome. i would be tempted to add some ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips. sound good? happy weekend!

  3. tina @ colourliving

    Ha. Glad you like the GP book as much as me. I read it daily at the mo!

    Funnily enough, I'm making minced veal meatballs tonight. Based on the same principle like the chicken burger, just without the bun!

    Your photos, as always, are yummy and I'm not surprised the bars were snapped up… in fact, you've inspired me so will have a go at your recipe and report back

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