Potato Head, Seminyak

Potato Head in Bali would be the perfect place to go with your loved one on Valentines Day.  It’s the hottest place there at the moment.  It’s a beach club and a very exciting place to be.  You can start off by having dinner in one of the restaurants..international, asian or fine dining french.  Or you can skip dinner and have a drink in one of the bars.  Swimming and lounging at the pool with waiter service is next on the agenda.  It’s like a beach party with a DJ pumping out groovy music.  They have day sessions and night sessions.  The night sessions have less children and more of an adult vibe.

The exterior and interior walls at the entrance are built from shutters and this extends to the roof inside.

The guys at the bar can mix you up any drink you desire (mocktails and cocktails), you won’t want to leave!  You have to book well ahead though.  If not you run the risk of not getting in (I know some people who were in Bali for two weeks and couldn’t get in as they didn’t book in advance which was disappointing).

I wonder if some budding entrepreneur will bring this concept to Australia?  I could see it being a huge success.

Catherine x


  1. Missy Piggy

    I "liked" Potato Head but didn't love it as it just felt too Westernised to me (we also went at lunch and walked right on in)…I wanted Balinese food & bali "stuff". I'm not sure what I was expecting…did you swim in the pool? I have to say your sunset shots looks really nice…the pool looks invitign.

  2. Catherine Bedson

    Hi Mel, my two teenage girls and husband swam in the pool and loved it. It was one of the places our girls had on their 'must visit' list. We mixed it up with visiting local restaurants and the cool groovy places recommended by friends in Melbourne. Potato Head and Ku De Ta being the main ones.

  3. tina @ colourliving

    Wow! What a treat… the Valentine images, the holiday photos…. I LOVE that photo of your daughter and husband. How alike are they???

    Great shutters, totally awesome idea.
    It really seems like paradise on earth. What a fantastic time you had…so pleased for you.

    Now back to reality… it's Friday and I have work to do. Thanks for the inspiration xx

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