DOC Pizza Mornington

Going on day trips has to be one of my favourite things to do in Summer.  Hopping in the car and escaping the city for the day..I start to really relax as soon as I see some green grass and cows out of the car window!

Mornington, on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is one place I love visiting.  There are beautiful beaches, cafes, homeware stores, ice cream shops and restaurants.  My favourite pizza restaurant there is DOC Mornington.  All the waiters are italian, the pizza’s are delicious with a light thin base and are topped with the finest ingredients that haven’t had to much done to them.

After lunch I always like to visit the Deli that’s attached to the restaurant.  There you can stock up on foodie bits and pieces..local honey, italian mineral water, fruit, buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto and so much more..I could go on, everything there is divine.

On this day my Sister (last on right), myself (second from left) and our children met up with our cousins who live in the area.  We had such a wonderful day with lots of laughs.  I can’t recommend a day trip to Mornington enough if you live in Melbourne, it’s a lovely place and I can’t wait to go again. DOC also have a restaurant in Carlton, with a deli recently added if you’d like to go there but don’t want to travel to Mornington.
Catherine xx


  1. tina @ colourliving

    I LOVE Italian food and have a local italian delicatessen I visit regularly. I play tennis with the owner so get treated well :-)

    I love prociutto al herbe…

    The Pizza place looks lovely and it's so nice to see a picture of you, your sister, daughter and cousins.

    Looks and sounds as if you had a great time!!
    Hope you are having a magical time xx

  2. noreen

    my favorite photo is you and your family! how wonderful to have an adventure with your loved ones! also that pizza place looks great. it's very fun to see how you love the same things in australia that we love here. i'll try to remember to take some photos at jean-paul's, just down the way, where my family loves the pizza. joy to you!

  3. mel

    Oh I can tell from the photo what a great photo what great pizza it is (and how gorgeous your daughter is!). Nothing better than simple pizza – how it's meant to be! Looks like it was a wonderful day indeed! Mel

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