Hidden Orange Puddings

Listening to the radio in the car on the way back from school drop off this morning I heard them talking about Christmas puddings.  These weren’t any ordinary puddings but Heston Blumenthal’s “Hidden Orange Pudding”.  Apparently for the last couple of years these puddings have been flying off the shelves at Waitrose in the UK.  In 2011 Touts stripped their shelves of the £13.99 puddings to resell on ebay at 15 times the price!

This year our supermarket Coles is selling them, there is still plenty left despite some people buying half a dozen or more at a time to sell on ebay, hoping Australia would emulate the UK experience.

Wow!  Heston, he’s so popular and his food looks amazing but for a home cook I just don’t relate to it..far to complicated.  I do however enjoy flicking through his cookbooks for the photography, especially “Heston Blumenthal at Home”.  The photo of the ultimate cheese toastie is fantastic but I would never recreate it at home.  Just looking at the recipe makes my head spin!

This pudding looks moist and fruity and would make a great gift for Heston lovers (and I know there are lots of you out there!)

If you can’t get a hold of one from Waitrose or Coles, I found this video on You Tube from The Telegraph showing you how to make a version of it.  It looks so good, if I had to make Christmas pudding this year I’d give it a go.

If you don’t like fruit Christmas pudding, Jamie Oliver has a chocolate pudding with whole orange in it as well, perfect for non fruit pudding lovers.  It’s called Chocolate and Whole Orange Pudding from his book “Happy Days”.
Here’s a link to the recipe from Today Food.
I was wondering if Heston’s puddings are still as popular in the UK this year?
Whether you’re a fruit or chocolate pudding lover I hope you have a wonderful pudding at your Christmas celebration this year topped with lots of proper homemade custard..yum!
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See you later in the week.
Catherine xx


  1. tina

    It might not come as a surprise to you that I don't like pudding. In fact, I Hate it!

    I had no idea it was sold out in Waitrose or anywhere else but know that Heston Blumenthal is hugely popular…

    Like you, I have no interest in his concoctions because I like fresh, simple and real food not some scientifically clever stuff:))

    I once was invited to The Fat

  2. Christine @ Cooking Crusade

    Thanks for posting this Catherine! I actually saw it at Coles for the first time other day and just saw "Hidden Orange Puddings" written on a black box and was scratching my head because I've never heard of such a thing before!!

    I like Heston's recipes but agree with you – some of them are the kind of thing you'd never bother making at home. Who makes a whole ham

  3. mel

    I had this pudding last year! I got one of the last ones off the shelf (at Nosh in NZ) and had to say it was a real treat! The candied orange was a surprise from the traditional puddings but lovely all the same. Still dream of being organised and making my own one of these days… M x

  4. Anastasia

    wow – a showpiece pudding! looks amazing…
    I feel the same about Heston Blumenthal and I guess its the argument, is food/baking a science or not? I like simple, rustic food…if its too complicated that puts me off a little..

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