Christmas Ideas

Are you having any Christmas drinks this year?  We usually catch up with our whole street at Christmas time and have drinks together (not sure if anybodies doing it this year).  So here is a nice Christmas drink and a couple of nibbles to get you started if you’re inviting friends over.
The drink is a Bellini (peach juice and champagne). I used Prosecco and a Bellini mix I found at our local wine store.  Pour one part Bellini mix (peach puree) to three parts prosecco into a champagne glass.  Of course you might not feel like something alcoholic, mineral water is nice if you don’t feel like drinking or lemon lime and bitters.  The nibbles are corn chips with lemon thyme scented ricotta topped with roasted red capsicum and french baguette spread with mascarpone and topped with proscuitto.
It’s fun having people over to your home for a few drinks at Christmas time, helps you get into the holiday spirit.
I hope wherever you are you’re enjoying the ‘Silly Season’ and have nearly finished your Christmas shopping.  We’re hosting my family here this year so there will be fourteen of us for Christmas lunch and I’m hoping to be very organised, doing alot of prep on Christmas Eve.  See you back here Thursday with some homemade foodie gifts your friends and family will love.

Corn Chips with Lemon Thyme Ricotta & Roast Capsicum

Makes 20

250g ricotta, 1 tsp lemon zest, 2 tsp chopped thyme leaves (or 1 tsp dried thyme leaves), roasted red capsicum, corn chips

To make this really easy by some roast capsicum from your local deli and slice into thin strips.

Mix the ricotta with the lemon zest and thyme leaves.

Place a teaspoon of ricotta mixture on top of corn chip and top with capsicum. Top with some thyme leaves and a very small drizzle of olive oil.

Assemble just prior to serving.

Catherine x


  1. tina

    Wow! Please can I come for drinks too?

    Oh, did you have me in mind when you mentioned the non-alcoholic drinks??? That's really kind and considerate of you:) Most people assume everyone drinks alcohol!

    I LOVE your green top. You look stunning! I also love the Coronna tray and the nibbles look yummy!

    I'm laughing coz you guys have summer over there and it&

  2. Catherine Bedson

    Absolutely you can! I don't drink much just a glass of wine or champagne every now and then. The last two times I've been out I haven't drunk at all. Thought you'd like this top seeing it's so colourful. I'm loving the fluoro thats big here at the mo for summer. xx

  3. Lauren

    Oh, these are lovely! I love the nibbles! I've struggled so much with headaches this winter (I have a sinus infection) that I've been "off the sauce," so when we had our neighborhood "do," I made a non-alcoholic punch for us (we have a nursing mom and another headache person in the crowd). I could have totally used the recipe for the nibbles though. I didn't like

  4. Anastasia

    gorgeous styling and ideas Catherine! I love entertaining and Christmas parties although Ive been working such long hours this month I havnt planned anything myself. The neighbourhood party is becoming a tradition isnt it? love that!

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