Eat.Drink.Blog 3…It’s A Wrap

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend as most of you already know I attended Australia’s third Eat.Drink.Blog Conference in Adelaide.  The weekend was one of learning, eating, inspiration and meeting new food blogging friends.

It was a phenomenal weekend.  The organising committee did an incredible job organising the event and the Sponsors really turned it on for us.  After flying in and registering at the Adelaide Central Market, a tour of the Market was the first port of call.  I was in heaven as we walked from food stall to food stall.  The stall owners were beautiful people who showed such passion for their products.  They generously lined up tastings for us as well as cooked lunch for us the next day.  Pictured below are some highlights from the smallgoods, cheese, yoghurt and fresh fruit stalls.

I noticed this cafe, which looked like a cool place to have lunch or a coffee.

The cafe was near Marino Meats which was one of my favourite stores.  It’s a three generational family run business started by Antonio Marino in 1976.  Antonio began his butchering career in the late 1950’s in Abruzzo, Italy.  Their goal is to produce specialty meats from traditional recipes that Antonio brought from Italy so many years ago.

On Sunday morning Red Door Bakery supplied breakfast.  The presentation had serious wow factor and so did the food.  Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon Rolls, Leek & Gruyere Tarts, Sausage Rolls, Frittatas, BLT (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) with avocado puree and custard and fruit danishes.  I found it hard to fit it all in after the extravagant mexican meal The Hilton Adelaide put on for us on Saturday night showcasing South Australian produce. (Which I can attest that fitting in food is never unusually an issue for me, I am a  BIG eater!!)

The Conference Program began in earnest on Sunday with the Keynote Speaker being Dianne Jacobs the Author of  “Will Write For Food”.  I attended Dianne’s food writing workshop on Saturday afternoon and was surprised by what I wrote in a couple of short time frames set by Dianne.

After Dianne, there were discussions on building community, photographic & web design talks and the one I was waiting for food styling by Fiona of Fiona Roberts Food.  Fiona presented to us then divided us into two groups and let us have a go at styling a lemon tart she’d made.  Interesting to see how each group styled the same lemon tart.

Lunch cooked for us by the Central Market Stallholders was followed by talks on SEO, Legals, Ethics & working with PR’s, local and seasonal food and finally opportunities from blogging.  A sweet explosion of afternoon tea..cake pops and cupcakes by The Cupcake Table.

I’ll leave you with this recipe from Vegas Poultry.  Everyone commented on how nice this chicken was.  I don’t know quantities but mix about a tablespoon of the fish sauce, soy sauce, palm sugar and sweet chilli sauce, add lemongrass, maybe a can of coconut cream and some chopped coriander in a bowl.  Marinate chicken for as long as you can.  Wrap chicken in a pan dan leaf (available at asian grocers).  If you can’t get pan dan leaf leave it out and cook in a pan or on your barbecue.

By the way all the photos in this post were taken with my iphone 5.
Catherine x


  1. Lauren

    What a wonderful and exhilarating weekend for you! You must have come home buzzing! I love how the two tarts were styled and I love how you showed us different bits and pieces of the conference from cafe to talks to food market. So happy you got to have this experience. I imagine we're going to learn a lot from you now, dear!

  2. tina

    yes, I'm with Caroline. Aussie is known for it's spectacular eating places, especially of clean fresh food.

    Looking at this wonderful time you had, being in food heaven! I think I would gain a stone just by looking at it all. Forget the actual eating:))

    Love you iPhone5 pics and thank you for sharing such an inspiring event.

    Styling the same lemon tart?

  3. noreen

    how wonderful! glad you had the opportunity to go. i'm a big eater, and when i went to that montessori conference in atlanta, i had the same problem as you – to much of a great thing! a nice problem.

    also i love the lemon tart challenge. the two you shared both look wonderful.

    more to come about this conference? joy to you, n

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