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“Will it Blend” the invitation said, “please find your invitation to the exclusive “Will It Blend Blogger Event”. “You will experience the most powerful blender to hit Australian shores and meet the man behind the brand, internet sensation Tom Dickson”.

Wow I’d never heard of Tom Dickson or his brand Blentec before, they said he’d blended Steve Jobs’ first ever iphone.  Curiosity aroused I turned up to Melbourne’s hottest new event space The Establishment Studios with my daughters Emma and Hayley to see what all the fuss was about.

The Blentec blender is indeed the most powerful blender to hit our shores.  Tom Dickson blended a rake and shared stories of blending mobile phones, glow sticks and even some lighters once, that happened to ignite…”don’t try this at home” Tom warned!

Tom Dickson is an Engineer and Inventor, he began developing commercial blending machines just as the smoothie era began.  Tom’s the one who invented the blades that make the Blentec blender so powerful.  Interestingly he said the blades were dull not super sharp as you’d imagine.

Of course you don’t want to be blending rakes and mobile phones at home!!!  The blender makes great smoothies, whips cream, chops cabbage, nuts, mixes up banana bread, makes breadcrumbs, mixes dough, batters, the list goes on and comes with a cool recipe book which includes a raw and gluten free section.  An Australian Blendtec website has just been launched if you’d like to take a peek.

On arrival we were handed smoothies blended up with blueberries, raspberries and other gorgeous the bottles the smoothies were served in.  Keep a lookout at the supermarket for interesting could use recycled italian tomato sauce bottles to serve smoothies in for a party.

Food and styling at the event was by Tommy Collins Events, all the dips and chicken filling for the sandwiches were mixed in the blender.  If you’re a foodie like me you’ll love these next photos, I hope you pick up some ideas for when you’re entertaining next.  Presenting food on boards is so simple but effective and raising some platters adds height to your display so it doesn’t look so flat.

Lots of beautiful fruits and vegetables to blend into smoothies, vegetable juices and dips on display.  Imagine setting up a display of fruit and vegetables like this and having friends over for a juicing/smoothie party…teenagers would love it.

Tom telling us about the blender…

Goggles on…

He’s going to what??? Blend that rake..

and he did!!!!

Making Smoothies, inventing some new flavours…

Another pair of sweet sisters..

The Establishment Studios is a fantastic place to shoot photos they offer studio hire, event styling and prop hire.  It’s owned by the best stylist in Australia Glen Proebstel and his partner Rachel Hart.  Glen also styles for many magazines including Inside Out, Gourmet Traveller, Country Style, Elle Decoration Uk, Living Etc Uk to name a few so I felt lucky to be able to visit and take photos there.

Time to go..thank you to everyone for such an inspiring morning.

I haven’t received my dip recipe yet so will leave you with this Minted Pea and Yoghurt Dip from Jamie Oliver that looks equally as delicious and healthy.

Disclosure:  I was invited to this event courtesy of Undertow Media.  I received an apron and a blendtec cookbook.  This in no way affected my opinion, all my opinions are my own.

Catherine x


  1. caroline @trend-daily

    What a fun morning for you and your gorgeous girls Catherine! I cannot believe he blended the rake!?! The food displays look wonderful and the studios just gorgeous. Australia seems to be such an inspiring and creative place to live. Lovely to see pics from wonderful locations over there! :-) x

  2. tina

    Nice pic of you and your girls;))

    What a great event. Ha. I love you photographed him blending the rake. Fabulous!

    I've not heard of that blender. I own a Vitamix ( not sure you're familiar with it) Same thing except you can make hot soups as well as ice cream in it.

    I'm forever hunting for nice wooden boards and platters. It does make such a

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