Father’s Day 2012

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia this Sunday..here’s some pictures of my dad William before my girls and I took him out for an early Fathers’ Day dinner.  We’re going on a road trip to Adelaide tomorrow to visit my Mother In Law so won’t be around on Sunday for Father’s Day.  It’ll be good for my daughter Emma to get more driving practice, she still needs sixty more hours before she can go for her licence..we’re half way there.
My dad loves his food, he measures a good meal by quantity..big serves are good, he walks alot so doesn’t tend to put on weight.  My dad immigrated to Australia from Belfast, Northern Ireland fifty odd years ago and spent the majority of his working life here at Kodak, he was a keen photographer and used to develop his own pictures, black and white then he learnt how to do colour.  I think this is where my late love of photography has stemmed from.  There is so much more I could say about my dad but I like to be humble and just wanted say he has been the best father my brother, sister and I could have wished for.  Happy Father’s Day Dad.
Look forward to talking to you all mid next week when I return from the City of Churches..Adelaide.

Take care,

Catherine x


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