a little drink & a bite to eat

I missed my Monday post as I hurt my foot and have had to do lots of stretching, hot & cold packs, massaging of my foot with a tennis ball!!!  It’s taken up so much time, I want to do everything the podiatrist says so it can heal quickly and I can start running marathons again (just kidding!!!)
Has everybody been enjoying the Olympics?  Here’s a nice little drink and a delicious little sandwich to nibble on whilst you’re watching it on tv cheering for your country.  It’s Chambord and Champagne and a Chicken, Avocado and Pancetta sandwich.

Chambord & Champagne
Pour 8ml chambord liqueur into a champagne glass, top with champagne & garnish with a raspberry

Chicken, Avocado & Pancetta Sandwich
Butter two slices of bread, spread with mayonnaise, top one slice with sliced chicken, avocado slices, salt, pepper & pancetta which has been cooked in the pan (like bacon).  Top with other piece of bread, cut in half and enjoy!

Chambord is the most delicious liqueur and the bottle is beautiful.  It’s really nice drizzled over ice cream and when you finish you can use the bottle for flowers.  Enjoy your weekend everyone and talk Monday.

Catherine x


  1. Di

    Catherine-you make me so hungry!
    That sandwich looks so yummy. And that drink with champagne looks delicious. Will look out for it at the liquor store next time I want to try something different.
    Thanks for the inspiration x

  2. tina

    Oh, I popped by and you hadn't blogged.

    Sorry to hear you hurt your foot:( nasty stuff that! Hope you are going from strength to strength. Take it easy though.

    Delighted you've come here to blog.

    Atmosphere in London is a little weird. All is happening around us but the streets seem empty. Glad you're enjoying a little of the Olympics.


  3. noreen

    sorry about your foot! i'm having heel pain also, and my marathon training is endangered. i'm supposed to run 13 miles saturday. hmm. not sure if i should. now that sandwich makes me hungry!

    what exercises are you doing? maybe i should join you in them, and then we can run together! joy, n

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