Risotto For Dad

My dad’s all time favourite dish is risotto, he orders it everytime he goes out to dinner and will try all sorts of risottos.  I wanted to make some for him today so I phoned him up and asked him what his favourite one was and he said “chicken and mushroom”.
I really enjoyed spending a cold Saturday afternoon chopping and preparing, then stirring for thirty odd minutes to achieve a lovely creamy risotto which was delivered to his house whilst he was out so it was waiting for him for dinner when he got home.
If you decide to make it, take your time don’t rush it..enjoy a glass of wine while you stir.  Serve with a rocket salad.  Off to Sydney tomorrow so look forward to bringing you some great pics from there soon.
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto
The Recipe:  Lifestyle Food


  1. tina

    Carherine that looks so yummy. The Risotto recipe is good but your photos make it extraordinary.

    I have people for dinner tonight and am making a chicken and rice dish but now I really want to make that Risotto.

    Knowing me, I'll wait till I get the best mushrooms and parmesan… absolutely delicious.

    Thanks for that x

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