Some Things I’ve Been Up To…

….and walked around some laneways and streets in Melbourne City early in the morning in the cool icy air taking snaps of things that caught my eye…

This building has always fascinated me since I was a child, it always looked so old to me.

We have alot of funky restaurants, cafes and bars hidden in our laneways in Melbourne city.  It pays to know a local so they can tell you the best places to go off the normal tourist beat.
It’s school holidays at the moment and I’ve been finding it hard to sneak time on the computer as my younger daughter has wanted me to spend time with her and be a taxi driver for her social engagements (one being the Lady Gaga concert on Wednesday night which she said was INCREDIBLE).  Tonight we made dumplings and a chicken, corn & noodle soup for dinner which was nice for a change.  Tomorrow is the first day we’ve had where we can just stay home and relax.
Talk soon.
Catherine x


  1. Lauren

    Lovely street photography! I wish I was better at it! I'd love a poster of those chocolates. And Lady Gaga! How cool is that? Cal would be so jealous! Even if you don't love her music, I bet it would be an incredible experience!

  2. noreen

    your photos are beautiful. that "job warehouse" looks a bit sad. old building. i wonder what it's like inside? glad you are enjoying your child while she is on school vacation. happy weekend!

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