Recipes From My Mothers Kitchen

I bought “Recipes From My Mothers Kitchen” when I first saw it at the Cellar Bar at Grossi Florentino.    I was having dinner there with my husband and the atmosphere was jovial after a beautiful meal and a few glasses of red.  I picked the book up, flicked through it and instantly thought I have to have this one in my cookbook collection.

Guy Grossi’s parents emigrated from northern Italy to Melbourne in 1960. While his father worked as a chef, his mother turned out the pastas, braises, soups and puddings she had learnt growing up in Verona and in Milan, which sustained the hungry family of six

It is from his mothers cooking that Guy Grossi learnt how to cook and this book is a tribute to her.  It is so personal with family stories and memories behind the food shared.  I love the cover, the way Guy’s mother is looking at him..such an elegant lady.  The book is beautifully photographed by Sharyn Cairns and styled by Glen Proebstel.
There are over 100 recipes in the book, one of my favourites tiramisu pictured below.
and delicious, silky lasagna.
It makes you think about the importance of family and making the effort to get together to share a meal and catch up.

My daughter headed off on a new adventure today where she will be away for a month on her own.  I managed to capture these pics of her sitting on her suitcase contemplating her trip before we left for the airport…

We saw her off to the airport as a family…

Here she is just about to board the plane.  Bye Emma we hope you have a wonderful time and learn lots…Can’t wait to cook some recipes from my kitchen when you come home.  Love Mum x

Catherine x


  1. tina

    Oh Catherine, that is one gorgeous post!!!!

    I love that you are firmly 'back' and delighting us with your posts.

    The book sounds divine but I love your daughters photos and the excitement with which you as a family are seeing her off on her little adventure. I hope she has a truly magnificent time…. lovely xx

  2. Lauren

    Oh, what a wonderful post! That book looks gorgeous (what beautiful prints…the lasagna: YUM!), and I love the juxtaposition of the recipes against sending your daughter off on a grand adventure! Lovely, lovely photos of her! So exciting for all of you!

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