Queens Birthday Monday

Hi All,
This weekend was a long one to celebrate the Queens Birthday and whilst I spent Saturday running kids around to all their social engagements and Sunday helping my husband to assemble Ikea furniture, we managed to go for a beautiful drive on Monday.
We had to give my daughter a driving lesson so she drove us to the rustic suburb of Warrandyte about an hour from where I live..it was cold but so nice to be out amongst nature.  We had pies for lunch from the bakery and had a look around a few vintage stores afterwards.  I forgot my camera so had to take some photos on my daughters iphone.  See you later in the week.  Catherine x


  1. Lauren

    These are great iPhone photos! Are you on Instagram? How did she do at driving? I love telling the story of when my dad tried to teach me how to drive. We sat in the car together and he said, "Okay, 'P' is for 'Park.'" And I immediately got out and said, "Get Mom!"

    My son will turn 13 at the end of the summer; driving feels like it's right around

  2. alison abbott

    What a nice weekend you had. I can't get over how enormous that horse looks! How are you enjoying 2.0? I wan't to take it, but have recently taken on a new design job and just couldn't swing it. So jealous…are you learning tons?

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