The Best Ham and Cheese Toastie

I’m back..I’ve been lacking some blog inspiration lately so thought it better to hold off posting until I got my mojo back.  I enrolled in Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way 2 course and it has inspired me right from the beginning.  If you’re thinking of starting a blog or need to move to the next level in your blogging journey I recommend Blogging Your Way it’s been great for me.
Lately I’ve become addicted to these toasted cheese sandwiches which I first had at Dukes Cafe here in Chapel Street, Prahran.  My daughter was interning nearby and we would go for coffee and one of these toasties before she’d start at 9am.
Photo:  Dukes
The toastie is made with good quality bread and jarlsberg cheese I buy the cheese pre sliced…so this is what you do…slice your bread, top with some ham and a couple of slices of jarlsberg and pop in the toastie machine/sandwich/panini press..don’t take it out until the cheese has melted, cut in half and enjoy the deliciousness.
This morning I stopped off at a bakery near my house which has the most beautiful baked goods and bread.  Below are cheese straws and bretzels (a cross between a pretzel and bread sprinkled with sea salt).  I find I can’t eat plastic bread much anymore I’m seeking out bread from good quality bakers more and more.  Maybe bread making might be a fun thing to try next.
Recently my husband spent a couple of weeks in the United States for work, he loved San Fransisco and amongst other things he brought home I asked him to get some Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa as I’ve heard it makes delicious chocolate muffins and cupcakes.  We can’t get it here in Australia.  The other thing we don’t have here is Anthropologie, so he went into one of the stores took some photos and bought the magazine and some beautiful citrus hand cream and soap all beautifully packaged.
Tonight I had my brother in town so had dinner with my family…this is what I left for dinner for the fam.  It’s a ragu I made from pork and veal sausages.
Seeing I was out tonight I’m doing this post late at night after coming home as I really wanted to get it published, so I’ll post the ragu recipe in the morning.  Sweet dreams everyone.  Here’s a link to the recipe Roman Pork Sausage Ragu hope you give it a try it’s delicious.
By the way has anybody had any experience making tomato relish?  I made some for the first time today and it seems to have a strong vinegary aftertaste even though I used the amount stated in the recipe.  Has anybody had this happen?  I’m hoping that taste might mellow with some time.  Next time I’ll try a new recipe.

Catherine x


  1. StarletStarlet

    All the melted cheese on your pics is trying to send me to the kitchen this late night! No good =)

    You should definitely visit SF when you get a chance. Hubby and I were talking about how lucky we are to live in this area (As we were looking at the golden gate bridge under the clear sky!)

  2. Jackie

    Hi Catherine,

    All of these pictures are making me hungry! Your photos are absolutely beautiful and I love the idea of a bretzel. I am now going to have to search New York high and low for this delicious creation. And those toasties! Don't even get me started! I now know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow!

    Thank you!


  3. alison abbott

    Hmmm…not a meat eater, but don't you just love Anthology magazine! I just saw it for the first time in print at Anthropologie. I wish there was enough time in the day for us to catch up on all the creative venues we now have available to us. It makes my head spin.

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