Itchy Bird

On Thursday I had the pleasure of helping out at my cousin Carol’s beautiful jewellery stall called Itchy Bird at Magnolia Square..a high end pop up craft market that pops up a few times a year here in Melbourne.  
I always love it when she asks me to help out because not only do I get to spend the day with her but I also get to meet lots of lovely people who are passionate about what they do.
Here are some pictures of the stall I took on the day…I only got a few photos as we were busy with customers so I had to be quick…you will see some of Carol’s necklaces which are very popular, this is just a small sample as she has many designs…she hand makes all of them herself.
She always merchandises her stall with lots of beautiful things that she drapes her necklaces over.
This is a picture of the stage area..the flowers are made of paper.

When I had finished for the day and was walking to my car I noticed the rustic colours of Autumn starting to appear on the trees…so of course had to photograph them…to beautiful not to!

I hope wherever you are you are doing what you love and loving what you do.
Catherine x


  1. caroline @trend--daily

    What lovely stuff-and how gorgeous is that little owl! We just love Melbourne-Jon lived there for 3 years and I visited for just a few days on my round the world ticket 16 years ago! It was definitely my favourite city in Oz (although to be fair, I haven't done the West coast-don't know why, but it doesn't appeal to me in the same way! Catherine-I love your blog header-I managed to

  2. tina

    Het Catherine. Yay! You signed up for BYW 2.0…. It's so funny for me. When I did BYW back in October I knew noone. Now, we must be over 20 of the old brigade that signed up.

    Creative block. I think not by judging this post. What a great craft market and your cousins jewellery looks lovely.

    I do love your blog so press on sweetie… see you on the inside x

  3. Tanya

    hello Catherine! I think we were looking at each other's blog simultaneously! how funny! oh look at those yellows! love your pictures! I think you might need to send my your cousin's details so I can see if I can stock her stuff! and I'm truly enjoying your blog – gawd, I need so much more help than everybody else… I'm feeling a little anxious!!:) xx

  4. noreen

    hi catherine! it's nice to see you again! the jewelry looks beautiful, and the leaves – it's so opposite! here we're just heading to the pool, and delighted to take off our turtleneck sweaters and wear t-shirts. school just ended for the summer. so, happy fall, and we can share our opposite seasons. joy to you!

  5. Jaclyn

    saying hi from BYW! I just got back from Prahran and those toasties look amazing, I also used to help out Nic from Magnolia Square and love her events…nice to see someone else from Oz on here! :)

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