Johnston Street Milkbar & Happy Easter

Last week my brother invited me to meet him on his lunchbreak.  He took me to this really different place called The Johnston Street Milk Bar (274 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia).
It’s not actually a Milk Bar (in Australia we call our local shop which sells the newspaper, milk, bread, lollies (candy), potato chips etc. the Milk Bar).  It was a Cafe..very laid back..the food was delicious, pizzas, sandwiches, a big tray of quiche on the counter.  Out the back they had a bar, a dartboard and bands play there during the week.  The cafe had all sorts of nick nacks, a collection of interesting books on the shelves and an art gallery attached.  It’s run by two guys on their own but the place has become so popular they need to recruit some staff as they physically can’t do it all.

I knew my husband would love this place, so took him there for lunch the next day.  We had a relaxing Saturday afternoon lunch hanging in the back courtyard and finished off inside with coffee and doughnuts wandering around looking at everything and chatted to the guys.  I couldn’t stop snapping pics.   The pizza’s all had interesting names like the ‘Hail Satan’ pizza, as hot as we can get it (comes with a glass of milk).  This is the one my husband chose and I couldn’t believe he actually ate the whole thing, mind you with watery eyes at the end of it.  I wouldn’t have been able to lick this pizza let alone eat a whole one with three different types of chilli’s, raw garlic and some secret hot ingredients they wouldn’t divulge.

Anyway they say a picture says a thousand please enjoy my photo diary of our visit…

I hope you all have a happy easter and thank you for reading my blog..I appreciate every one of my readers and hope that you come away with some inspiration for your creative life.

Love Catherine x


  1. tina

    Hey Catherine. Happy Easter to you..

    What a great place The Milk Bar is… so very much my kind of joint. If there, I would have tagged along.

    I love the details you shot and your hubby looks dishy from behind (hope you don't mind I said that:) he is all toned!

    Look like you had a great Saturday. Wonder what your hubby's digestive system thought of that

  2. Catherine Bedson

    Hi Tina, how fab it would have been for you to have been there also..thanks for the comments re hubby, we had a laugh (I'm sure he was secretly flattered :)) he rides his bike to work everyday 15kms (one way) no lycra though, refuses to go there! Yes there were a few rumblings for a couple of days after that pizza!

    Catherine x

  3. caroline

    I was blown away with all the different cafes and wonderful food when I visited Australia-London is catching on so slowly. This place looks fabulous and the food amazing. Please keep these wonderful food tours up of your amazing city! Cx

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