Connecting…we ate soup

I’m close with an older lady who lives in our street who I visit regularly…I find it such a joy to be
able to spend time with her as she shares stories from her past..she is also very funny and makes me laugh. 
Recently she called me and said “come over and have some soup” she’d made it that afternoon.
The weather has started to cool here in Melbourne so I jumped at the chance of a bowl of soup and a chat.
The soup was delicious so I couldn’t wait to get the ingredients the next morning to make it for my family for the weekend.  I particularly liked the hint of ginger that flavoured the soup, my friend told me it helps to keep colds away in winter.
She was also clearing out her cupboards and  gave me this beautiful light green crystal bowl which I couldn’t resist making a trifle in.  This trifle was one of my late Father In Laws favourite desserts as made by my Sister In Law Hilary..a few years ago I asked her for the recipe.
Hunting in some vintage shops the other day I came across one of these old hand whisks we use to whisk cream with when I was little so thought it would be fun for my youngest daughter to give it a go.
I haven’t started knitting my scarf yet..I haven’t knitted in a long time so thought I’d start out practicing with this lovely coloured wool that caught my eye.
If you have any questions about these recipes or just want to say hello don’t hesitate to send me an email I’d love to hear from you.
Catherine x


  1. tina

    Oh, I love so much about this post.

    1. I LOVE soup
    2. Best remedy ever
    3. Your layouts with handwritten recepies are great.
    4. The wool is gorgeous

    The only thing I will disagree with is the Osem chicken consomee. I'm Jewish so grew up with it. It is full of flavouring and preservatives and there are so many more natural products out there doing the same

  2. Catherine Bedson

    Hi Tina,

    Thanks for this I hadn't even thought about the Osem Chicken Consomee from that point of view…I'm always fascinated by all the products in the jewish section of the supermarket that would be completely familiar to you. I'll hunt down a natural alternative and let eveyone know.

    Catherine x

  3. Lauren

    Wonderful post so full of love and family connections. The soup sounds delicious and I love your pictures of that!

    We had one of those hand whisks when I was growing up, and I loved it too! How exciting to have found one!

    I bet your daughter loves it.

  4. Di

    Hey Catherine,
    I hope you get this comment, for some reason some of my comments have gone missing, oh well I have been enjoying your latest posts,that soup looks just like my mums soup-its got to be the best thing about winter!
    I think thats gorgeous that you have an elderly friend-was just talking last night about how a lot of elderly people go unnoticed-such a scary feeling.

  5. caroline

    Do you know, my son Gabriel found a very old hand whisk in our old neighbour's house this week! He is so excited about using it-maybe I'll get him to try out your trifle Catherine! I'm going to try the veg soup-yum! Caroline x

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