Happy Birthday & Watermelon Meets Fetta

On the weekend it was my husbands birthday so we went for lunch to a restaurant called The Stokehouse to celebrate.  We were in the downstairs section and the food was delicious.

I ordered the blue eye fish with cannellini beans and purple cabbage with a lime dressing.  My dad ordered his favourite meal of all time…risotto..this one was blue swimmer crab and lemon risotto.  Afterwards we had to walk off all the food so went for a walk along the pier at the end is a kiosk which is an icon of the area.  It burnt down years ago and was rebuilt exactly the same.

Afterwards we went home and had birthday cake, it was a Black Forest Cake bought from a patisserie called Fleischer’s Cakes.  Later I made this refreshing Watermelon and Fetta Salad as it has been so hot here in Melbourne this salad really hits the spot with any barbequed meats.
Watermelon & Fetta Salad
Watermelon, red onion, fetta cheese ( I use dodoni brand), 1 lime, olive oil
Slice red onion, place in a small bowl and squeeze over the juice of 1/2 lime and let soak for 5 minutes.
Dice watermelon, arrange on plate or in a bowl, scatter diced fetta over the top, then sprinkle with red onion also tipping lime juices over the watermelon and fetta.  Garnish with some thyme & a splash of olive oil.
Love Catherine


  1. noreen

    my goodness – the heat is blowing here, and i'm still hungry for watermelon now. i've never had it with fet and onion, but it looks delicious. maybe we'll have a "july in january" dinner and eat summer foods! joy to you!

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