Peony Picking

There was quite a few events on around the Daylesford area last weekend…Paul Bangay’s Open Garden, Stuart Rattle’s Open Garden and peony picking at the Spring Hill Peony Farm
so my friend Mel, daughter Hayley and I decided to have a day trip.

Out of the three events we chose to do Paul Bangay’s Open Garden and peony picking at Spring Hill Farm we were lucky as the day was just glorious with perfect sunshine.  Picking the peonies was so much fun and we really felt like we’d spent a good day out in the fresh air when we got home.  Afterwards we visited a beautiful little town called Trentham and had coffee at the Red Beard Bakery, I bought some of their sourdough bread which was really nice with some cooked spaghetti that I mixed with a tub of pesto and some chopped barbeque chicken from the supermarket..easy quick Sunday night dinner.

I”ll blog soon about Paul’s Open Garden as I wanted to show you lots of photos from the farm first.  I couldn’t post any pics from the market I did last Friday night as my camera broke and I’m currently shopping around for a new upgraded version.

Spring Hill have an open paddock for a few weeks once a year around the November, December period of you’re interested in going next year you can keep an eye on their facebook page for dates.



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