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Fetta, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Tart

My daughter and I love savoury tarts.  She was off school today because she was sick so I asked her what she would like for lunch and she asked for a tart with this flavour combination…

she especially loves it with tomato chutney…

Having some for lunch…
and when she gets better she’ll take some wrapped in baking paper with an apple for her school lunch.

Here is the recipe…


* Blind baking is where you place some baking paper on top of the pastry and weigh it down with rice so the pastry doesn’t puff up.

* You can use puff pastry as well if that’s what you have in the freezer

All My Love Catherine  

Food Styling and Photography

On the weekend I participated in a food styling and photography course.  The photos below are some of the shots I took that I wanted to share with you.  What do you think for a newbie?

There was the most gorgeously cute little dog named Truffle who belonged to Omid the Teacher running around..I fell in love with him and wanted to take him home!

Catherine  x

Orange Cake

Photograph:  Catherine Bedson

Photograph:  Melissa Jenkins  

Last week I posted a handwritten Orange Cake recipe from my nephew…I just wanted to show you how my cake looked!  It was a beautiful cake, easy to make, cooked like a dream (approx 35 minutes) and was moist with a light orange flavour.  I baked mine in a 20cm ring tin and iced it with icing sugar (powdered sugar) mixed with some orange juice squeezed from an orange (not to much though as you don’t want the icing to be to runny).  Here is the recipe  if you missed it.

The other photo was sent to me by Mel who made cupcakes from the Orange Cake Recipe, don’t they  look delicious?  I love the styling and the beautiful patty pans she used.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to my American Blogging Your Way friends.  I wish you all a beautiful day filled with lots of beautiful food, blessings and things to be grateful for.

Catherine  x

Peony Picking

There was quite a few events on around the Daylesford area last weekend…Paul Bangay’s Open Garden, Stuart Rattle’s Open Garden and peony picking at the Spring Hill Peony Farm
so my friend Mel, daughter Hayley and I decided to have a day trip.

Out of the three events we chose to do Paul Bangay’s Open Garden and peony picking at Spring Hill Farm we were lucky as the day was just glorious with perfect sunshine.  Picking the peonies was so much fun and we really felt like we’d spent a good day out in the fresh air when we got home.  Afterwards we visited a beautiful little town called Trentham and had coffee at the Red Beard Bakery, I bought some of their sourdough bread which was really nice with some cooked spaghetti that I mixed with a tub of pesto and some chopped barbeque chicken from the supermarket..easy quick Sunday night dinner.

I”ll blog soon about Paul’s Open Garden as I wanted to show you lots of photos from the farm first.  I couldn’t post any pics from the market I did last Friday night as my camera broke and I’m currently shopping around for a new upgraded version.

Spring Hill have an open paddock for a few weeks once a year around the November, December period of you’re interested in going next year you can keep an eye on their facebook page for dates.


Handwritten Recipes

Happy Weekend everyone, I hope you all have a great one.  I’m selling at a Christmas Night Market tonight so have been busy packaging up all my homeware goodies in Christmas ribbon and cards (I’ll post photos on Monday).

I wanted to leave you with this gorgeous handwritten recipe my nephew gave me for Orange Cake.  I haven’t made it yet but have been told it is delicious…there is something very old and charming about handwriting a recipe, something we just don’t do anymore but something I remember doing as a child going through my Aunt’s recipe collection.

You’ll be safe creaming the butter and sugar, adding the eggs one at a time beating well between additions.  Then add sifted flour and the rest of the ingredients.  Don’t overmix.

If you make the cake I’d love you to email me a picture.  I’m going to make one next week and would love to see how all the different cakes turn out…what tin did you use, maybe you made the recipe as muffins, did you ice it, you could even get your son or daughter to make it…(i’ll include the pictures in a post next week).

From one baker to another…

Spanish Tapas

This week the Epicure liftout with The Age Newspaper in Melbourne devoted the whole issue to spanish food.  I haven’t cooked alot of Spanish food so started to research it and am a convert.  I cooked a couple of spanish tapas dishes that I served with some bread and a salad for husband has just called out to me “nice tapas” as I type. 
Patatas Bravas

and Serrano Ham, Lemon & Green Olive Meatballs in Tomato and Sherry Sauce

I enjoyed hunting down spanish ingredients…don’t you love these pretty tins of sweet and one hot (picante).

I used these pretty tapas napkins which are available in my online store.  You can also use these napkins for afternoon teas.

The recipes came from Rick Stein’s new book “Rick Stein’s Spain”.  The best place to get Spanish ingredients in Melbourne is Casa Iberica Deli in Johnston Street, Fitzroy and one of the best Spanish restaurants in Melbourne is Movida.  The Spanish desserts are also sweet and delicious, lots of custard based desserts.  I’m going to cook more dishes from the book and invite some friends around for a tapas party soon.
Catherine  x

Banana Cake

Seeing bananas are starting to come down in price in Melbourne I thought I’d post a Banana Cake recipe which is delicious and easy to make.  The recipe is for two loaf tins but I’ve made mine in a silicone cake mould I bought a while ago but haven’t used yet.  I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Banana Cake

Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius.  Grease and line two 10 x 18cm loaf tins with baking paper.  In a bowl, mix together the brown sugar and almonds and set aside.

In a large bowl, mix together the sour cream and bicarbonate of soda, leave to stand for 5 min, then stir in the melted butter, caster sugar and eggs.  Sift the flour, baking powder and cinnamon into another bowl.  Gradually fold in the sour cream mixture, followed by the mashed bananas.

Divide the mixture equally between the prepared tins and sprinkle the brown sugar mixture on top.  Bake for 30-40 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre of each loaf comes out clean.  Set aside to cool in the tins for about 20 min, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Recipe:  bill granger,


New Header

Thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments I’ve been getting about my blog.  I’m at the end of the Blogging Your Way course now and it has been such a meaningful experience.  It’s not just a course about how to make your blog look nice, it goes much deeper than that.

Through the forum, twitter and facebook I’ve connected with the most talented artisans and creative people I would never have had the chance to of those people is Silvia Zanatta from the blog Urban Amazingness.  I want to give Silvia a big shout out as she is the one who designed my new blog Header which I just love and feel like it really represents me.
Silvia is Italian and her blog is all about cute shops, creative people, cool objects and handmade projects. I love her style, she is a very talented Graphic Designer with a cool attitude to life.  Drop by and say hi  you will also be inspired…  Urban Amazingness.

Image:  urban amazingness


Melbourne Bloggers Meetup

Over the past four weeks I’ve been participating in Holly Becker from Decor8 Blogging Your Way Course.  There are 700 people worldwide doing the course and in the forum section Students Meeting Students there is the opportunity to organise a Meetup with other bloggers in your city.

Yesterday was the Melbourne Bloggers Meetup and it was fantastic.  We all had different blogs, Bernadette’s is about Needlework, Di is a Boutique Event Stylist and Stationery Designer and Chantel is the most amazing illustrator.  We talked about things blogging and non blogging related and before we knew it three hours had gone past and we parted with plans to do another Meetup next month.

I highly recommend this course if you are thinking of starting a blog or have had a blog for a while but want to learn to present your posts in a new fresh way.  The course content is meaty and covers everything you need to know about blogging.  The best part is all the wonderful people you get to connect with worldwide and from your own city!

DiPaper and Style Co
Bernadette – Bette’s Musings
Chantel – Chantel De Sousa

The Meringue Monster

Meringue Monster Cake I bought yesterday from Lux Bite in South Yarra was so divine and delicious I had to frame it…(sponge base, raspberry mousse covered in meringue).