My Crunchie Cake

I remember my Aunt making this cake when I was little and I couldn’t wait to eat it.
It is great as a childs birthday cake and very easy to make.

You can make a sponge cake or buy a store bought one like I did here (Woolworths – two sponge cakes in a pack $3) if you are short of time.

Simply whip 600mls cream with some vanilla and about 1/2 tsp caster sugar.

Cut each sponge in half horizontally, spread the first layer with some whipped cream and sprinkle with some crunchie you have bashed with a rolling pin (I used two 50g bars in total).  Place second layer on top and repeat this until you have used all the layers.  Top with cream and more Crunchie.

I hope you enjoy this…what other recipes would you like to see?



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