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Giveaway Time

In keeping with the current theme here are some japanese bowls I’d like to offer as a giveaway.

Prize one is this beautifully glazed yellow and green bowl measuring 10.5cm across on top and stands 5.5cm high, it is perfect for nuts, dip or japanese rice crackers if you have friends coming around for drinks.

Prize two is another stunning little bowl measuring 13.5cm across the top and stands nearly 4cm high with a cracking affect.  As you can see also perfect for nuts, dip, candy.

Prize three is something my girls loved in Japan called Pocky, they are pretzel like sticks dipped in chocolate and when we were in Osaka they would visit the convenience store every night on the way home to buy a different flavour.  Their favourite was this one with milk chocolate.

The giveaway is a bit of fun…a way of sharing part of my trip with you.  It is open worldwide and if you’d like to enter all you have to do is

1.  Like my Farmhouse Home Facebook Page

2.  Leave a brief comment in the comments section telling me what you think of the bowls.

I will draw the prizes on Sunday 7th August by and notify the winners straight away.

Everyone’s welcome to enter….Good Luck Everyone!

I’m Back….

Hi Everyone,

I’m back from my family holiday in Japan and Hong Kong and what a holiday it was…one of the best holidays our family has taken.  If you have been thinking about taking a family holiday to experience a different culture and language I want to encourage you to do it.  It’s the most bonding thing you can do as a family and you come home with so many memories of people, places and the laughs you had along the way.

Here are some photos I wanted to share with you of the trip…the weather was very hot every day, it was hard coming home to 3 degrees (we landed at 6.30am).

The first thing we were faced with when we landed in Osaka was the Japanese Rail System, fantastically efficient, but trying to read the rail map when you don’t speak japanese!!!  My older daughter studied Japanese from Year 3 to VCE so she was able to help us out!

Shoes all lined up ready to receive us

Girls went crazy for the shopping in Japan….H & M

and Topshop

Beautifully presented bento boxes for lunch

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake…delicious (I’m going to try and recreate it so will post about how I get on soon…would make a lovely birthday, special occasion cake).

The attention to detail in Japan is incredible.

Even the way fruit is displayed in the supermarket.

Some gorgeous children who wanted to practice their english with my husband.

One of the busiest intersections in the world (Shibuya).

I love the way they cut the fruit up and placed it on skewers at this market, it was so hot and this was so refreshing and healthy…I thought this would be a great idea for children’s parties.

Hong Kong….the habour is breathtaking.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen, the food was delicious.

To keep the price down we ordered six dim sum dishes, a plate of singapore noodles and a plate of fried rice.

Trams at Causeway Bay

Hong Kong from The Peak.

Now that I’m home I’ll be focusing on my store…Life In Style is coming up next week so can’t wait to see what fab goodies I’ll find there, then Reed Gift Fair a few weeks after that…back soon with my giveaway.