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Good Morning,

Today I’m unveiling my new Farmhouse Home blog which was designed by Megan from The Stockport Hotel.
I hope you like it…you’ll notice there is a link to SHOP that’s because I’m taking the big, scary step of fulfilling a long held dream to own and run my own business.  I’ve always wanted to and have tried lots of things over the years but nothing has clicked until now.
I’m planning on launching my homeware store in late September, early October after the Gift Fairs here in Melbourne in August.  I’m so excited and am busy sourcing all my beautiful things for the store with a trip to Japan and Hong Kong coming up in a few weeks… it’s really a family holiday but I’ll have my eyes open for different things I think you might like.
I will be focusing my products on entertaining…and will be posting some delicious recipes and simple table styling ideas you can use for impromptu gatherings or when you have family and friends for a special occasion.
I have also started a “Places You Will Love” area on the right which is cafes, restaurants, florists etc. that I have loved and know you will enjoy checking out.
I look forward to getting to know you better, comments make my day so don’t hesitate to leave any thoughts or email me if there is something you would like me to stock, just click on CONTACT.
I’ll leave you with a manifesto from Women In Business that inspired me when I started this journey and I hope will inspire you to take that first step on whatever your dream is.


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