Blog Redesign

My blog is going to be down shortly for a few days as I’m having a redesigndone by Megan from
The Stockport Hotel
I’m redesigning my blog as I’m launching an exciting homewares store late September, early October and am currently working on all the details
There is lots happening so check back soon!
In the meantime enjoy the latest issue of Sweet Paul Magazine published online tomorrow.
A lifestyle magazine with recipes, foodie features, crafts, entertaining tips…ohh and this will be the first issue featuring the magazines fresh new design.
source:  brightbazzar



  1. Mrs A in the Cove

    Hi Catherine – thanks for all your lovely messages on my blog – I have been having a great time with my photography and I use a Canon 450D camera – I have had it for a while now. The key for me has been to get a few good lenses – my camera came with a twin lense kit but I have bought a couple of really good lenses that have made all the difference – especially when photographing indoor dessert

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