Yesterday I was wondering along Chapel Street and came across this stunning new Sweet Studio. It reminded me of Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie in Balmain, Sydney.

Anyway I had go in and have a look…just stunning and the owner told me they had just opened that morning after planning for two years.

Here are some pictures I took instore.

I tried a sample of some white chocolate with little specks of olive

in it, to die for, just melted in my mouth. They also sell ice cream, the flavours all matched to the cakes, the mango ice cream I sampled was delicious.

Burch & Purchese
Sweet Studio


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Catherine

    I am so happy you like the new Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio. It is a new concept by my son Darren Purchese. I am very jealous as I live in the u.K. and will not get the opportunity to see the Studio for myself until we visit next March. I am glad you enjoy the food, this is the culmination of lots of years of dreams and wishes coming true.

  2. Catherine Bedson

    Thank you for visiting and leaving your lovely message…I was so excited to get it seeing it is your sons business! You would be very proud, the Sweet Studio is so original and one of the most beautiful stores I have seen! March will be a lovely time of the year to visit, the store is in a beautiful area that you will enjoy. I apologise for mispelling your surname I have corrected

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