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Yesterday I was wondering along Chapel Street and came across this stunning new Sweet Studio. It reminded me of Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie in Balmain, Sydney.

Anyway I had go in and have a look…just stunning and the owner told me they had just opened that morning after planning for two years.

Here are some pictures I took instore.

I tried a sample of some white chocolate with little specks of olive

in it, to die for, just melted in my mouth. They also sell ice cream, the flavours all matched to the cakes, the mango ice cream I sampled was delicious.

Burch & Purchese
Sweet Studio

Pizza In 3 Easy Steps

1. Buy a packet of large pitta bread/pizza base
2. Spread it with tomato pizza sauce
(I use leggos pizza sauce)
3. Sprinkle with grated cheese and top with whatever you like

Some Suggestions
boccocini, ham, tomatoes, salami, proscuitto,olives
roasted pumpkin, fetta, pinenuts
mince lamb,red onion and mint when it comes out of the oven drizzle with yoghurt
Chicken marinated in tandoori paste and yoghurt, drizzle with yoghurt also

Or invent your own..l’d love to hear about what flavour combinations you came up with.


Sneek Peek Bedhead Project…


I’m giving our bedroom a makeover at the moment and am going to make a fabric bedhead like the one above for the back of our bed . My daughter is also making one for her room. Yesterday we both went to Ikea and I chose some fabric…can’t wait to show you some pictures and instructions on how you can make one. It’s an easy way to give your room a lift.

Catherine x

Babble At Babylon Cafe

On Saturday I wandered into this cafe and just loved the vintage feel…the vintage scales and plates. It’s called Babble on Babylon 85 Brighton Road, Elwood…the food looked delicious and the coffee was great. I think I’ll start scouring vintage shops to find one of these vintage scales for my kitchen.

Catherine x

{Rocky Road Crunch Bars}

My friend Sheila is doing me a big favour today by meeting me to return my husbands jacket and mobile phone he left at their place a few weeks ago. I thought I’d make her these Rocky Road Crunch Bars to say thank you seeing her husband John loves chocolate…

and the finished packaged product…

Canvas Home Store

Last night I was doing a blog surf and came across the most beautiful Homeware Store in New York via the blog What Katie Saw. The store is called Canvas and I am seriously in love with so many things in this store…the blue chesterfield, the ceramics…the whole concept.

Canvas source their products from around the globe created by artisans and craftsman from the US and abroad. Not only do you get a beautifully finished handmade product, you are helping people in poorer countries establish businesses that gives them a hand up not a hand out. Above are some pictures of some of the products in store.

Catherine x

School Camp Reward

My daughter Hayley attended her first high school camp this week and I promised her I’d make a chocolate cake for her return…I made Nigellas Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake…so easy you just put all the ingredients into a food processor and blitz. Whilst the cake is cooking you can make the chocolate icing…very easy and delicious. Below is a link to the recipe.

Catherine x