Flower Market Visit

You won’t believe this dear reader but this morning I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of


have a quick coffee

drive with my cousin Carol to the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market, and meet the lovely Jan with some other gorgeous people for a tour aboard the Tutti Frutti Express.

Safety vests on and off we all went…it was an exhilarating two hours, the place was buzzing with forklifts everywhere moving pallets of fruit and veg for delivery all over Melbourne. We chatted with some of the business owners who were very friendly and thrilled that we were interested in what they do.

I loved the business that sold the micro herbs (seen alot on the last series of Masterchef), very much in vogue at the moment in the food industry. They are so gorgeous, baby versions of basil, wheatgrass and celery to name a few…

My favourite part of the tour was visiting the flower market. We walked around and Carol chose some stunning white tulips and white bell shaped flowers to take home as a souvenir and I chose some arum lilies and two bunches of tulips (yellow and purple) to take home.

It was a great experience and I’d highly recommend the tour to anyone interested, Jan was a great tourguide and you never know…you might even score a free apple to munch on if you’re lucky as well as learn lots of interesting information about a working day that is all over by the time we wake up.

What are your thoughts?

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