Delicious Tomato & Eggplant Pasta

I have just started volunteering at the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at one of the local schools and loved it. The Grade 3 students were so excited about the class, so organised and capable they were amazing.

I picked up heaps of recipes from the class and this tomato and eggplant pasta was one of them.
My younger daughter in particular is a fussy eater and there is no way she would eat eggplant but she loves this recipe. The eggplant is roasted with the tomatoes then blitzed in the food processor so it becomes a beautiful creamy sweet tomatoeee sauce, delicious! You must try it.
My daughters friends who have stayed for dinner love it.
{Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Pasta}
1. Cut up an eggplant
2. Cut some tomatoes in half or a punnet of cherry tomatoes
(whatever you have in the fridge)
3. Place in ovenproof dish with some olive oil and salt & pepper
4. Roast at 180C until golden
5. Place in food processor and blitz
6. Cook some pasta
7. If it is to thick add some water from the pasta to thin down
8. Season with salt & pepper to taste
9. Mix sauce through pasta (I used penne) or serve on top
(depending on how you like it) and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese
Serve with a rocket salad and some rustic bread and you have a delicious, healthy meal….my family started cheering last night when they found out this was for dinner!


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